Headaches During Workouts?

Hi all I’m wondering if anyone else has suffered the same affliction that I have and if so what causes it.

not sure if this is the right forum but here goes, the past 2 days when I’ve went to do my workouts as soon as I’ve gotten into it I’ve developed a blistering headache that hasn’t subsided until the next morning.

I can’t figure out why, it’s happened when I’ve just started to warm up and begun to get intensely into the workout.

I’m going to the doctors tomorrow to try and shed some light on it but I keep thinking they’re just gonna tell me to stop training which I know can’t be the reason since I’ve been training for almost 3 years (about 1 year seriously). any input would be appreciated thanks all.


Exercise induced migraines aren’t uncommon, but they generally don’t last a whole day like you describe. I used to get them immediately when I would start my working sets (never during warm up) but they would generally only last 10-15 minutes.

I remember them being so painful I couldn’t concentrate. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of conclusive information on what causes them.

I get them when I don’t eat enough before I lift. Or I start to go hungry during my workout and I don’t have milk or some sugary shake nearby.

and my lifts go down as well.

now my question to u:
1- How much time did it pass between your workout and the meal before that?
2- What did u eat?
3- Did u have any sugary shake or milk while lifting?

I used to get them on and off for about 6 months after I had a concussion, but only when I wouldnt breathe in between reps or during my working sets. It felt like a blood vessel in my brain was bursting and it would get so bad that I would have to leave the gym.

I eventually took 2 weeks off, went back and never got one again.

Give yourself a little break.

To Neospartan you might be on to something there because the past two days I’ve had no carb stuff before the workouts.

My previous meal has been plain stuff like chicken and cucumber but the first day it happened I did have a red bull 20 minutes before, So my sugar levels should have been fine but perhaps the fact that there were no slow carbs in me did it?? however in the past I’ve been on really low carb diets and worked out fine.

To ripDlax, that’s pretty much what I’ve decided to do take a couple of days off and see what happens