Headaches and Lethargy Hours After Lifting

Way over 35 lifter. I’m 63. My problem does not occur during lifting but hours later or at night or the next day.

It’s gotten so that if I have even a moderately intense workout I can expect heavy headaches and lethargy hours later, like during the night or the next day. Purposely trying to avoid overtaxing myself like wouldn’t even think of doing something like a 1 RM in deadlift and have dialed down what I do, but this seems more likely to happen now than it used to. Any deadlifting except single leg is likely to bring this on now. I know I’m 63, but I’m not 63 like most of the rest of the world may be 63. And I can do the workout itself - but the recovery is what is killing me.

I have a pws. Thought maybe I was getting dehydrated and made sure to drink lots. And take low dose aspirin. Not helping.

Always been natural and lately have been taking almost no supplements. But maybe there is stuff that would be good to take. Any suggestions?

What is a pws?

post workout shake

I’d go to a doctor.

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