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Headache While Deadlifting

Well, I was deadlifting today and on my second set, I got this massive headache. It was at the back of my head and hurt a lot for the first few minutes and now, a couple of hours later, my head doesn’t feel too good. Any ideas why this might be? Form was pretty good, I had someone watching it.

Exertion headache? Google it. I’m NOT a doctor so don’t accept this as a medical opinion.

I occasionally get these from pull-ups. Feels like the base of my skull is ready to exlode, about a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale it sets in about 15 seconds after I’m done the set. It usually subsides within about 2 or three minutes but sometimes the pain persists at a much lower level for the rest of the day. The first time it happened it scared me and I looked into it as should you.

I’ve never had it happen during DLs though. I’ve seen stars, had my eyes feel like they were bugging out and “heard the music slow down” during the pull (like someone had their hand on a record), but never got a headache from pulling.

You should go to the doctor ASAP!


Well, the pain was present during most of yesterday, but I’m feeling fine now.

I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a strained trap muscle up towards my neck. The pain shot into my head and felt like a migraine. Try stretching it out. The stretch that works best for me is 1 arm behind my back pulling the corresponding shoulder down and leaning my neck away from the down shoulder.

Probably a good idea to go see a doc, but this helped me out.