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Headache on Top of the Head From Heavy Lifting

Hello all,

After I finished my powerlifting program in August I started from 1st of September Mike O’Hearn’s powebuilding workout routine.
First week went smooth already feeling change.
As I started the second week with chest I started having extreme pain in the top of the head while starting with a heavy bench press and then it will carry as a mild headache during the moderate weight lifting phase.
Thing is that during my powerlifting phase ( 3 times per week) I never had any problem with headaches now I train 5 days per week and I just started having the headaches.

What do you advice?

Thank you in advance.

My first thought is that if you’re now using higher reps than you’re used to, you could be holding your breath and causing a kind of exertion headache. Make sure you consciously breathe during the reps, unlike a lot of lower rep powerlifting work where you can get away with holding your breath for fewer reps.

I thought about that, today when I started doing my 5 reps of squat ( I start with heavy deep squats for 7x5 and then front squat with lower weight 5x10) I had immediately a headache around the 3rd rep although first time I got 2 days before doing bench press (again with the heavier weight).
Should I take a break from everything for about a week do you think?
even running ? ( I do around 5km low intensity running 4 days per week) and abs (6 days per week).

Could be a tumor, I’d go see a doctor.