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Headache and Tired from Himalayan Salt/Celtic Sea Salt

Age 25. 170cm. 72kg. I’ve been having low sodium diet for a very long time without even realising. Most of the food that that i eat at home has very little salt. So i’ve been preparing my own meal for the past few days and tried to increase my sodium intake by using himalayan salt mainly. Around 2g of salt per meal. 3 times a day. First day,i got sinus attack, watery nose, brain fog, headache, tired. I keep on continue and think that the effects might go away. 3rd day now, still got tired, brain fog, minor headache. No more watery nose and sinus. I also notice after each meal i feel warmer but several hours later i can feel my body felt cold. Iodine reaction from the himalayan salt perhaps? detox reaction? Anyone has any clue or idea about this? Im going to try to give it a week or two if i can stand the reaction.

Reason increase sodium intake because:

  • notice has been consume very low sodium diet
  • felt tired all the time and suspect low sodium can be one of the factor

Brain fog happens with low sodium. Are you sure its the salt and not something else?

It could actually be a cold.

You wouldn’t go from iodine deficient to over dosed from a few grams of salt per day.

You’re eating 6 grams of salt per day. That’s nearly 3x the RDA. Try lowering it to a normal amount.

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6g of salt is 2300mg of sodium. That’s a moderate amount.

People who exercise a lot need more.

6g salt = 6000 mg salt…

*Edit- nevermind

Sodium and salt are not the same thing.

My mistake you are correct.

Thing is i get brain fog when upped my sodium intake with salt mainly himalayan salt. I’m pretty sure its the salt because before this i have tried drinking water+himalayan salt and same result happen. Sinus attack, headache, tired. But sinus and watery nose does not happen right now anymore. Maybe my body is getting used to it im not sure. Gonna give some time…

Maybe you are salt sensitive. A small % of people are. See a doctor.

There’s a company called GenoPalate that does genetic nutrition testing. They look at a sodium gene and many others.

sooo… stop taking Himalayan salt!
-For whatever reason doesnt agree with your body. I’d take a few days no added salt and then try a small amount of iodised salt or just normal table salt


what is a normal/healthy amount of salt per day? I have no idea!!! I don´t use that much salt and I eat all of my foods very plain, I only salt my meat or chicken and my rice a little bit before cooking…

Isnt sea salt and himalayan salt non-iodized? So it could be a drawn out iodine difficiency?

Sea salt and himalayan salt does have iodine but not as much as iodized salt. I was thinking this too… Well i know for sure im iodine deficient because i dont eat bread, eggs, dairy. Not that i dont want too but i couldnt tolerate them. Having difficult ingesting fats food and also im lactose intolerant. I have tried swithing to normal table salt but still have problem with it. Still experimenting and investigating. Maybe i dont do well with high sodium diet and must watch my sodium intake. Still unsure. Did endoscope last week. All fine. Did ultrasound today and still waiting for the result. But the lady that did my ultrasound said all is fine while she ultrasound me. Mann what is wrong with me! Feeling so weak in general. My hormone panel is whack. Cholestrol level is too low. Thought it could all be with digestion.

Maybe this has nothing to do with your sodium intake. What does the rest of your diet look like?