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Head Throbbing


After a heavy set of dips, my head starting throbbing like it never has before. I took a medication and it calmed. That was yesterday, and I still have an obscure headache and it recently was throbbing again, but it's calmed now.

What the hell is going on? Could I have an aneurysm or something of that nature? I'm going to get a CAT scan on my head soon.


A CAT scan because of a headache...really? An aneurysm....really? I'm no doctor, I guess it could be tumor or something, maybe an aneurysm. However, sometimes a lifter doesn't breathe correctly, or sometimes they might 'drive' their head back while lifting. I see guys pushing off the leg-press with their heads all the time. The combination can create one hell of a headache! It does usually occur while working high rep. stuff, but I've seen and done it myself a time or two going heavy. Of course how much harm could a CAT scan do?


You're probably right, but you just never know. I've never had anything like it before. Might check it out sometime next week.


I've had problems as well with a pounding head at the gym when I wasn't properly hydrated. Make sure you're getting plenty of water, especially if you drank heavy the night before, had a lot of coffee that morning, etc... And as BlueCollar said, proper breathing can be an issue too.



That's a good idea. I haven't been drinking as much water as I usually am, so I will.