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Head size

Does your head get bigger when you put weight on?

I get a hard on if that’s what you mean…




Hahhahahaha…Hoohahhahah. Keep them coming bro!

Yes, and the skull continues to grow throughout life. The only bone to do so I believe.


I get a hotdog package on the back of my head and my glasses will dig into the side of my fat head.

Why are you asking this in the first place?

A person can experience cranial facial growth by injecting large amounts of GH in him. That could lead to a pretty big head.

I feel like my hat size has shrunk slightly since I’ve lost 50 pounds.

If you’re referring to the egos, just take a look around this board… :slight_smile:

I dont think its that stupid of a question, and for those of you saying ‘no’ you certainly have no place to make fun. To answer the posters question: yes, your head can get bigger, assuming your including the extra mass added to the face.

I guess so if your talking about maybe getting an underchin type deal.

if your taking GH