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Head Shaving


So I have been considering shaving my head for some time. I have a problem though - my scalp is extremely white compared to the rest of my head/face. Is there anything I can do for this?

Also, if anyone else shaves their head on here (which I'm sure many of you do), any tips would be greatly appreciated.



go outside - sun is there.


Go to a hardware store. Paint is there.


Just shave, then go outside.

I've been shaving my head for a few years now, I use a gillete fusion something or other. With the 5 blades, I find it works great and I've tried quite a few. I use a regular moisturizer instead of shaving cream.


if you are self concious, wear a hat for a couple days in public with increasing intervals of sun exposure day after day


Everyone's scalp is lighter when they first shave. No one with any sense is laughing at you.

I agree with the hat idea until you stop being self conscious.

Your head will feel colder also.


Take down that avi if you're that concerned about everyone else's opinions. Beasts don't give a fuck. Use a sensitive skin shaving cream at first, until your head gets used to having a razor taken to it, then bask in the sunlight.


I used to get kidded and joked about going bald. Then I shaved my head and the jokes stopped, strange.




It rubs the lotion on the skin.


The gilette fusion is amazing.....


If you are self-conscious about it, wear a hat in public, take it off when at home and spend more time in your yard until it evens out. Should only take a week or two.


Big fan of this stuff for shaving the dome.



LOL. This might have something to do with the fact you look like a BAMF with a bald head dude.

Shit, put you on a Harley with a leather vest... Instant Hell's angel badass mofo.


Or a gym shot...


The only time I could see a bald head looking bad is if the person is really skinny or they have a fucked up head shape.

If you8 look like you lift, a bald head will just mean you intimidate more people.


I'm hopin that if I have to shave my head, I'll look like a cross between Marvin Hagler and Denzel in Glory.


Bald heads rule the gym.

This is law.


If you're white don't do it, you'll look like Mr. Clean.


if you're rocking the bald look there are a few essentials:

  1. you HAVE to have muscles. Bald + Skinny = never getting laid/no one will think you're cool/probably will be forced to turn gay

  2. you have to have some sort of facial hair. beard, goatee, stubble (or my personal favorite, the bad ass mustache)

  3. you have to have a tan. Bald + Pasty = never getting laid/no one will think you're cool/probably will be forced to turn gay

Hope this helps