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head position

when performing ME movements such as GM, GMsquats, zerchers etc… what should the head position be? I rarely see this described.

Myself when performing GMs for example, if i look up it seems to limit my range and cant go as deep (as well as being very uncomfortable for my shoulders/upper back), but if i look down (which i see in a lot of ex. descriptions and feels more natural) it feels as though i will tumble forward and my balance is shot.

any suggestions?

and an extra little question, what sort of % of my squat should i aim for with the GM? i squat around 470, yet my GM is only 280



Head position on the exersices you mentioned I usually pull my traps tight and then pull my neck into my traps. I guess you would say I have a neutral head positiontrying to keep it in the middle of my body.

% there is now way to no exactly we all will have diffirent carryovers for each exerscice, my good morning squat is close to 500 and my suspended ssbar gm is around 400 and my regular bar GM is 435 and I squat 600+ so they all have diffirent carryovers. Just continue to get stronger on all of them…Big Matin

As far as my head position, i drive my head back like when i squat but when i do really deep GM’s then i usually keep lookin straight ahead because it gives a little bit more tightness in my back to hold the weight.

As far as %'s big martin is right, it all depends, but if you are terrible at GM’s then by all means kill them, because they are most likely your weakest link. I know that my SSbar GM is almost 300lbs less than my squat, and i know that bringing this up will help my squat cuz it hits my middle back extremely hard.