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I was working out yesterday hitting the upper chest with some incline db presses. I completed 2 sets of 10 with the 50 pounders and then the 3rd set came…I pushed 7 out with no problem then 8 came and i had a little trouble but i pushed through anyhow when 10 rolled around I pushed HARD AS HELL and got it up but when i was letn the weights down i got a headache. When i say headache i mean this shit hurt. It started at the Middle top part of my head and ran down to my right eye (or right behind it)and only hurts on the right side. I was messing around here at work and did some pushups with my co-workers kid and all the sudden that pain came back just as intense as before. I had this happen before last year but it was at the rear of my head at the base of the skull and i went and got an mri done but it came back negative. Could i have strained one of those little muscles in my scalp?

Could be a compressed nerve in your neck. Could be you are not breathing properly…No one knows for sure.

You could go to a Chiropractor. I would.

happened to me a few years ago after doing neck strectches before lifting. bad idea for me. It went away on its own so it could be a passing thing

First things first, check back with your doctor. Things may have changed since you had the MRI. If he/she clears you then visit a good chiropractor to see what’s up.

It could actually due to increased pressure inside your head while doing the set.

a similar thing happened to me a few years ago when i was doing leg presses. i was straining to complete my last rep when i was overcome with a pain in the top of my head. i had to leave the gym immediately. the next day the pain was still there and i did some searching on the net and began to think i might have had an anyerism (sp?). I went to the emergency room and had a catscan done, which came back negative. Then, they gave me a spinal tap which also came back negative. In the end, they had no idea what had happened, most likely a strained muscle the doc said. but…it scared the poo outta me and i still think about that when i’m in the gym. if you search for “exercise induced headache”, you will find some useful information.

I had a similar problem,but it didn’t result in headaches,but in a “popped blood vessel” in my eye while doing heavy DB presses.It turned out to be a result of high blood pressure.The doc said better a blood vessel in the eye,then in the brain.I’m on meds now and haven’t had another episode.You might want to monitor your B/P.

Have you had a cold or the flu recently? I find that I have to back off a little on squats after a cold or the flu for a week or so, because I get headaches. They eventually go away.