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Head Pain When Lifting

Ok im not over 35 but I wanted to hear from the more experienced guys on the forum. Im just back from the gym today and im still feeling the after effects of a disturbing sensation in my head. I started of flat benching 3x5 no problems, set a PB. Then I moved to incline where I usually do higher reps 10+.

About rep 7 i felt a pain in my neck on the left side which quickly changed to a pain in the side of my head. Also i was slightly dizzy. The pain is not terrible but it only happens on high rep sets and once it starts it continues. right now it feels warmer and pressurized in my skull almost like someone put a hot liquid in there and its flowing around!

Im a bit worried and will see the Doc tomorrow, but does anyone have any experience of this?

Dude, go see a doctor, right away. Stop lifting. Go to a doctor. No BS. It could be bad.

Go to the EMERGENCY ROOM and have someone drive you there. Plan on staying for awhile.

Good luck


I’ve had this happen to me before and I’ve also seen it in some others. A headache usually occurs when there is either too much blood or not enough blood to the crainium. Headaches can occur when lifting if you’re holding your breath (perhaps without even knowing it) when your doing a set even for the final few reps.

Also, try warming up better to get the cardiovascular system moving, this might help.

With all of that said, the idea of going to the doctor is a very good one. No one on the Internet can give you expert advice we can only shoot in the dark on a hit or miss basis.

Good luck, it’s probably nothing serious but what can a simple CT hurt? Go to your doctor.

All the best,