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HEAD of the class(hahahaha)

alright boys… here’s a really scandalous post. why do guys like getting head so much and what can girls do to make the experience insanely awesome?

Same reason women love it!! The best thing you can do is put your lips OVER your lips… its soooooooooo much better like that! :slight_smile:

When you’re giving head, the best is to look straight up at the guy with bulging eyes. That usually gets me off when a chick does that to me. Oh yeah, and talk dirty too. And please don’t use your teeth. All the guys can agree with me that they don’t like getting their dick scraped.

Getting head is overwhelmingly pleasureable. I like getting and givng as much as I can, (hetero only). Insanely awesome? Use your hands, no teeth, every once in awhile look at us deeply in the eye, enjoy doing it, don’t focus all your attention on the head only, ice, work both hands into it. Give oral attention to the boys. Just a few ideas.

why? i don’t know.
what to do to make it insanely awesome? do it more often.

because we dont have to work like when we have to give a good pumping(not gym related) take your time and look up with your sexest look every once in a while use some hand action and go crazy at the moment of truth!!!

The most important thing is to be relaxed, don’t just move your head up and down like a freakin’ pigeon. Use your hand to gently massage his perineum, play with his balls, keep you tounge relaxed, go from the root, up the urethra,giving his glans an extra attention,then take it completely in your mouth,moan (but not too much),you can even stick your finger in his anus if he is into it,then masturbate him while still having his tool in your mouth etc. One more thing- swallow and he will remember you for sure.

The we like it so much is because it involves the two things the average guy can not get enough of 1. Sex! 2. Not moving at all! If the Superbowl was on at the same time, we could die happy:)

Actually we just like the look on your face when we blow our wads…Just kidding! We like it because you get all the feeling with out the work…To make it awsome…Make nice distinct movements with the tongue and actually apply some nice decent suction at times, especially when the penis appears to soften. The should stiffen it up a bit…Some altoids or stong mints are always a bonus. I even heard if you put cocaine in your mouth when you start it really adds a nice touch, but I have never tried that. You should come over and try different techniques. I will let you know what works and what doesn’t. I am sure my wife won’t mind…too much… Hey guys, we should open up a blow job school!! That is what I would call a satisfying career!

If ya gotta axe, you must need mo’ practice. Any other volunteers?

I enjoy a nice BJ, but to tell you the truth, I could care less if a girl gives me one or not. And I’ve actually dated a few people that didn’t like to give orally, so they were happy to know that I didn’t care whether they did or not. I would rather go down on a girl or have intercourse rather than a BJ. But I’m not opposed to having one every now and then. Just be sure not to bite or suck too hard. Think of licking an ice cream cone or lollipop.

  1. Teeth are bad. BAD BAD BAD! 2. Too much suction is almost as bad as teeth. You’re not trying to draw a milkshake through that thing. 3. Use your eyes as much as your mouth. 4. Tie your hair back so we can watch. We like to watch. 5. Use your hand, but GENTLY! A penis is not a stick shift. 6. Feel free to “service yourself” while your down there and let us watch that too. Very hot. 7. Humming a tune is perfectly acceptable, just make sure it’s not something weird like “Battle Hymn of the Republic” of the theme from Sesame Street. Creepy. 8. Be spontaneous. Nothing is better than a surprise blow job. 9. Be ladylike. If you don’t want to swallow, then excuse yourself before you spit. Hocking our man-jam over your shoulder is uncouth. 10. Reciprocate. When you’re done, let us give you a little lip service in return.

Just act as if the act is the greatest experience ever and most fun of any of your daily activities.

go to sexuality dot org and read away. Great tips as well as good reference books. You can never be good enough. BTW one pointer. Stick your tongue out so it covers your bottem teeth keep it like that as you take it… also curl your upper lip over your upper teeth… That is the best form for most people. I would have to add that above all keep your teeth away from it. That is the best way to get denied… for good. I personally do not get off from hummers… Not my thing. I prefer intercourse for actual ejeculation. Don’t get me wrong I like it. However it has only gotten me off two times in my very sexually active life. Good luck.

OOps didn’t relize you directed it to boys… as such I should not have responded…

How to make it better for your man? EASY! Invite your girlfriend over to help. It’s not really sex after all. And, by taking turns your jaw won’t tire as quickly.

Jesus Christ, Draz, you got me on this one! I was reading the text but was not paying attention to the author’s nick. If your current career fails, you can always be a porn story writer. Success is guaranteed! :))))

Much better question would be “why are there women that do not like to receive oral sex”?

Man don’t f*ckin say you are gonna do it then chicken out thats the worst grrrrr it gets me mad when they do that

It feels good. It’s different than intercourse and has certain advantages. It has a visual component. So, slow licking is good, lots of saliva is good, it’s OK to make noise (you aren’t at Grandma’s sunday dinner table). Tongue action while sucking is good. Deepthroat is awesome if you can do that. Watch a porn flick or two and note how some girls kind of rotate their head as they move it up and down, that gets big points…you can’t get that sensation anywhere else. Caress his balls with one hand, if he bats your hand away then I guess he didn’t like it. Don’t do the same thing too long unless you can feel him getting harder or twitching…in that case you are doing the right thing and should get ready to swallow fast. Oh, eye contact is really cool too, so look at his face every once in a while so he remembers who you are. If you have long silky hair trail it across his lower belly as part of your blowjob too. Good lick…uh, luck.