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Head Hurts When Struggling for Last Rep


When I'm doing chin-ups and struggling to get my last rep done I feel like a vein explodes in my head. Something hurts on the interior and I need to take a break for 2-4 minutes from exercises. Any ideas on what it could be?


Could be something more general medically related that requires a doctors visit or it could just be muscular tension related from the strain of the lift. Impossible to say which is which without a physical evaluation, so I'd recommend going to see somebody to get it assessed if it is worrying you that much.

Also, are you taking any supplements pre-workout?


It happens without supplements too (after a 2 week pause from creatine). I'm only taking creatine/proteins.

I seem in peak condition and healthy enough for this kind of workouts (I mean they are only chin ups).

Any ideas on how to surpass the muscular tension problem? I'll try this solution first.