Head Hair Loss Debate, Seems to be a Hot Topic

So from all the websites I visit there seems to be many opinions on this matter. Id like to hear what everyone thinks about it. Opinions, facts, etc.

I will share my thoughts and experience. I am very new to TRT. In fact I just started Test Cyp 160mg a week, 0.4ml twice a week. Im on my 9th week. Since this post is about hair this is what ive noticed. First couple of weeks I didn’t notice much however around week 4 or 5 I started noticing hair on my hands in the shower. Now I see this every time i wash my hair. Also, if I run my hands through my hair, i generally pull out anywhere from 2 to 4 hair, every time.

Also usually a few hairs on the pillow every morning, not many at all but a few.This being said it has me a little worried. I am 41 and have had no signs of MPB at all. Mothers father had a full head of hear, Fathers father was indeed bald, Father has full hair as well as both of my brothers. I have two thoughts on this. One, I somehow kicked in some inherited MPB with my Test going over what is normal for me therefore increasing my DHT and causing my hair to start falling out. My other theory is that maybe with the hormone changes that my body is going through there is some kind of adjustment period and it has caused some shedding, I dont know.

Third, which i think is highly unlikely is that im very stressed about it and all the worrying is causing me to lose my hair. Look, Im not gonna lie. Im vain, I like the way I look, I like the way I look with hair and personally I think I would look very strange bald. I dont want to go on Propecia / finasteride. Id really like to hear some good opinions and stories. On the flip side, I feel great with TRT. Much better mood, more even keeled, happy and confident. It has also made me a healthier person since im much more conscious about what I eat and how I treat my body.

One other think, my Test before starting this was in the normal range, albeit on the low side of normal. However, I am a little overweight. My follow up with the doc is on Wed of next week. Im either gonna quit which in that case Sunday will be my last dose and then the doc will put me on some HCG or im gonna stick with it. Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks in advance guys.

Suggest that you inject T 50mg twice a week.

Post your lab work with ranges.

Follow these links in the 2nd post of the 1st topic in the forum.

  • advice for new guys
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  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc

more if I knew more about you.

Super high T levels may be the problem.