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Head Gear, Groin Protector & Mouth Guard


I'm buying my first set of each of these. I had gotten excellent advise here when I was purchasing my first gloves and was hoping to get some on these also. If you could also give me an idea of price range of each so I know what ball park to look in.

Thank you.



I've got those. Work well for protection, but they trap water in the ear covering, which means water will roll into your ear, and they have to be flipped inside out to dry, or they stay wet and smell. Avoid them.


Are you talking about a wrestling headgear or a sparring head gear?


I'm guessing you mean sparring gear. I use a shock doctor nut cup and some compression shorts. I got a twins headgear from nine dragon martial arts and I love it. Mouthguard is kind of a personal thing.

Many people will point you towards a custom guard, but it all depends on what your teeth are worth to you. I personally just use a common boil and bite until I can afford a custom. As for custom guards I hear pythonguards makes nice ones.


I also use a Shock Doctor cup and like it alot. I use a Fight Gear Air Max headgear and it's really comfortable with a clear range of vision. As far as mouthpieces go I've been using a Shock Doctor gel max and have been very pleased with it. It holds up well and is not expensive. But I have a Pythonguard on the way and am stoked to see how it does.


I prefer buying used mouth guards and cups. That way I save quite a bit of money while trying to figure out which suits me best. For example I prefer single mouth guards to doubles. Plus I get the benefit of the equipment already being broken in. Like I got two pair of Shock Doctor cup/compression shorts at a great price. I just hosed them down with Lysol and they were good to go.



Please tell me you are kidding


About buying the used equipment. Yes, I'm kidding.

The Shock Doctor Compression Shorts/Cup is the best protector of the ole family jewels I've ever used.