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Head Forward Posture

I have head forawrd posture from sleeping with my head propped up on several pillows. I’m been using one or no pillows the last few weeks. I’ve read a fedw articles and I’m wondering if anyone here is a chiro, or has fixed their own HF posture and how they did it.

suboccipical muscle stretch, pec major and minor stretch, posterior chain strengthen. Strengthen scapular retractors. Thats a start.

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My whole upper body leans forward a few degrees. It got better when I started deadlifting but there’s still a slight lean there.

I have this and had a chest:back imbalance too. I switched back:chest training to a 2:1 ratio and make a conscious effort to keep my shoulder blades and head back.

Also, don’t sleep on your stomach. It pulls your head forward and to one side (can’t breathe through the mattress.

The best way to sleep is with one of those special log pillows or just a rolled up towel under your neck to preserve the arc but keep your head back.

I’ve been sleeping without a pillow. I’ll get around to getting the pillow. Sleeping on a pillow is uncomfortable now even and my posture is a lot better, even when I’m not trying to watch it.

Also, do neck/trap stretches. Stretch your neck side/side, front/back and turn it to face your shoulder and stretch down like you’re pushing your chin towards your chest/shoulder. Keep the opposite shoulder down so that you’re stretching the muscle and now just moving your shoulders.

I’ve been doing chin retractions, and will keep doing them. Sleeping without a pillow sucks because of my apnea(the whole reason I have this). I’ll do it again tonight, as I haven’t been having terrible problems with my apnea recently.