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head-ache neck-ache

I get a head&neck-ache for the last few fullbody-workouts. I feel that I get high blood pressure near the skull area but I check and it seem okay.
Anyone the same thing
what’ the cause of this?

Check w/ your doctor you could be aneminc(Sp?.

Check with your doctor to make sure your okay in the blood vessel arena. If you do not have a circulatory problem related to a possible anuerism or high bp, it’s a myfascial or joint restriction in the cervical or upper cervical region. That’s the most likely cause, but you want to rule out the other one.

I had the same problem. I’m not a medical doctor, so don’t take any advice from me. For me, I remedied the problem by relaxing my neck more and improving my bench press form (my pain appeared only when benching). The pain started at the base of the right side of my skull. This probably isn’t your problem, but I thought I’d tell you anyway.