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He Who Dares, Wins!

1st July 2019.

Sprinter squats 40kg 3x6EL

Superset - BB rows 80kg w/ DB floor press 35kg 3x6+10

Superset - Wide-grip chins w/ DB shoulder press 30kg 3x8+8

And I forgot to log this weekend’s activities, how careless of me.

29th June 2019

1A - Military press 70kgx4 70kgx4 70kgx4
1B - Wide-grip chins 8, 8, 12

2A - Incline DB press, 5 second eccentric 30kg 3x8
2B - Bench pull 70kgx4 70kgx4 70kgx4
2C - BB half moons 30kg 3x8

3A - Incline DB curls 12.5kg 3x8
3B - Skullcrushers 40kg 3x5

Nothing more pointless than t shirt muscles but they look glorious eh?

PM - gin tasting

30th June 2019 - Football match

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2nd July 2019.

Bench press
3x100kg (3 sets)

Heels’elevated goblet squats 24kg KB
3 sets of 15-20 I believe?

Superset - Weighted tricep dips (15kg) w/ hammer curls 15kg
3 sets of 10 of each

3rd July 2019 - Football match

4th July 2019.


1A - DB Row 30kg 4x12 each arm
1B - Bench press 90kg 4x6

2A - Wide-grip pull-ups 4x8
2B - Lat raises 7.5kg 4x12

3 - Back squats 80kg 1x20

5th July 2019.
Rest Day.

6th July 2019.

Front squats worked up to 120kgx3
Dips supersetted with pull-ups 5 sets of AMRAP
Z Press worked up to 50kg 4x8

7th July 2019.
Football match.

In desperate need of a deload, I feel broken. Lucky I’m off to Italy for 2 weeks then isn’t it. Ciao tutti.

22nd July 2019.

2 weeks off from stepping inside a gym, just a few dips and pull-ups in a park on a couple of occasions. I feel great.

Muscle snatches - 3x3 @ 50kg
High Pulls - 3x3 @ 90kg
Front Squats - worked up to 4 reps @110kg
Superset Bench + BB rows - 8 reps of each @ 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg for bench and 70kg for rows.
Single leg BW DL
Single leg BW squat off a bench (apologies not sure of the name of this one)
Lat raises - one giant set up and down the rack

23rd July 2019.

Rest day.

Tonight - push session.
Tomorrow - pull session.

24th July 2019.

We have 3 squat racks in our gym. All 3 were in use for a good half hour last night ensuring I couldn’t complete my push session. Had to change to a bit of a botched (kind of) upper body session and do lower body this eve.

Adapt, improvise, overcome and all that.

DB chest press 4x6 @ 40kg
Dips - 2x20
Seated cable rows - reverse pyramid sets, 6 sets I believe, 6-10 reps each set.
A couple sets of chin-ups
Single leg leg press, 20kg plate on each side, 10 reps each leg, no rest between sets, 6 sets each leg
Pistol squats - can’t remember how many
Bradford press - 40kg 3x8
Delt finisher - lat raises 1 set of 25 with 5kg DBs followed by iso-hold w/ empty bar

25th July 2019.

Front Squats 5x5 @ 100kg
1A. RDL 8x3 @ 100kg
1B. DB curls 8x3-5 @ 17.5kg
Leg press 1x100 @ 100kg
JM press 3x8 @ 50kg

Rest day today

26th July 2019.

Rest day.

27th July 2019.

Forgotten - mostly squats and bench press.

28th July 2019.


Hamstring injuries are great aren’t they? One month out and still not 100%.

The past month has been plenty of rest and upper body sessions.

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Build the bench, fuck the rest :joy:

Bench, dips and pull-ups have been abused these past few weeks!

No pistol squats though…

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Well that’s due to your weak constitution, obviously

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