He Who Dares, Wins!

With a few holidays and events booked I need to stay on top of both training and nutrition outside of those periods as I don’t want to undo my hard work so far. What better way to track progress and hold myself accountable than starting a log on T-Nation?

Age: 26y/o turning 27 Friday next week.
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 85kg - 187lbs
1RM’s (all tested over the past few weeks)
Bench: 120kg - 264lbs
Squat: 180kg - 396lbs
Deadlift: 190kg - 418lbs
OHP: 70kg - 154lbs (strict)
Likes - football, boxing and peanut butter.
Dislikes - BMW drivers and people who put the milk in first when making tea.

Goals - Purely fat loss, whilst maintaining strength levels as best I can, at this moment in time and will remain that way until mid-July.

Weight is down from 89kg in first week of February to 85kg (currently) and I am passing the mirror/Progress photo test


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3rd June 2019.

Paused back squats - Gradually ramped up to 3 reps @ 130kg. Drop set @ 100kg, can’t remember how many reps, not many, then 60kg, can’t remember how many reps. Will make sure I note sets and reps down from now on.

Hang cleans

Apologies for vagueness, will note down reps & sets for future workouts.

4th June 2019.

Football training.

OHP 8x3 @ 50kg
Bench 4x12 @ 70kg
Seated cable rows 4 sets

Cream crackered after football but got something done. Happy days.

5th June 2019.

Football match followed by lots of stretching.

6th June 2019.

Front squats - 8x60kg, 6x80kg, 6x100kg, 4x110kg
Pull-ups/Chins - 2x AMRAP mechanical drop sets
Dips - 5 sets AMRAP
Z Press - 4x10 @ 40kg

This time next year Rodney…

Nice numbers.

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7th June 2019.

RDLs 100kg many reps many sets
Dips 6 sets - 6, 8, 10, 12, 12, 20

8th June 2019.

Front squats (100kg) supersetted with chin-ups.
6-8 reps each exercise, must have done about 12 sets.

The annoying resident PT who uses the squat rack/lifting platform for lat raises/stretches/insert-exercise-one-can-perform-anywhere-else-here was hovering so I really couldn’t leave the squat rack could I? Petty but it’s the little victories…

9th June 2019.

Football match. Got absolutely crunched from behind. Bruised and swollen from my feet to my knee. Hamstring is pulled as well. Holiday can’t come soon enough now.

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Does anyone have any cool/fun/interesting protocols or workouts that are centred around dips or chin-ups? I fancy doing something a bit different tonight rather than just hammering loads out.

10/11th June 2019.

Dips and pull-ups. Loads of them

12th June - 16th June 2019.

Riga, Latvia. What a city. Beautiful, cheap, lively, will 100% be going back.

16th June 2019.

Straight from the airport to the gym. Had a full 20 minutes before the gym closed so just hammered out some high pulls. Worked up to 90kg.

17th June 2019.

Bench - 6x6 @ 90kg
Cable row machine - 4xAMRAP increasing weight
Chin-ups to face pulls - 4 sets AMRAP

Leg/ankle/foot slowly healing. Swelling has nearly gone and it’s gone from black to purple to nearly no discolouring at all now. Needs to be fixed for Sunday’s match. 20,000 steps a day in Riga helped keep it moving at least.

18th June 2019.

Warm-up complex - Hang cleans to overhead squats. 3 reps of each. 5 sets - 20kg, 30kg, 40kg, 40kg, 40kg.

Clean pulls

Superset - Dips (BW) + hammer curls (15kg)
5 sets of ca. 10 each

Delt finisher - 50 reps of behind the neck presses with an empty bar. Cheers Paul Carter.

19th June 2019.

Rest day. Hate them.

20th June 2019.

Easing myself back into deadlifts.

Sumo DL
100kgx3 (x4 sets)

100kgx6, 8, 10, 10, 10

Superset - Z Press (40kg) w/ Pull-ups
4 sets of 10 each

Superset - Hyperextensions w/ press-ups
3 sets of loads.

21st June 2019.

Today will be another rest day.

22nd June 2019.

Back squats - worked up to 6x3 @ 140kg
Front Squats - 3x3 @ 100kg
Bench - 4x8 @ 80kg

23rd June 2019.

Football match.

24th June 2019.

DB bench - 5x6 @ 40kg supersetted with lat pull-downs 5x12 @ not sure the weight!

2ns superset - BB rows 80kg w/ strict OHP 60kg. 5 sets of ca. 10 + 6. OHP slowly improving.

25th June 2019.

Rest Day. Venison was consumed.

26th June 2019.

Front squats

1 x weird modified CrossFit style circuit:

18 x toes-to-bar
16 x hand release push-ups
20 x wide-grip pull-ups
15 x dips
10 x chin-ups
12 x strict OHP 40kg
6 x pull-ups neutral grip
4 x clean & press 60kg

27th June 2019.

1A - Strict OHP 8x50kg 6x60kg 4x70kg (New rep PR) 3x70kg
1B - Wide-grip chins 4x8

2A - Incline DB Press 5 second eccentric 3 sets of 6 @ 35kg DB’s
2B - BB rows 3 sets of 6 @ 80kg
2C - BB Half Moons 3x8 @ 30kg

3A - Seated incline DB curls 15kg 3x8
3B - Skullcrushers 3x8 @ 30kg