He Was a Scrawny Little Man

Title comes from a song a friend of mine wrote waaaaay back in College days; I always thought it was about me.

So anywho, I’m 5 weeks in this new program here and if I don’t break any PR’s in any way,shape or form by the end (week 12) I told myself I would stop focusing exclusively on powerlifting from now on.

Last WO

Lower Body speed day

Box jumps 8 X 3 -went well; getting higher. Starting to like doing these.

Wide stance box speed squats 12 X 2; also went pretty well. Decided to go lower than usual at the same weight (65% of max). Less than parallel (barely).

Goblet reverse lunges 4 X 6; two 45 lbs KBs. Probably could do more if it wasn’t for my shitty right foot…

D1 BB press to OH sit-up 3 X 10; my shoulder doesn’t like it, but it’s a good exercise
D2 DB suitcas DL 3 X 8

Today is Upper Body speed day. So far things are going pretty well on this program. I think I may just get a Squat PR (which is long overdue, and an embarassment).

We’ll see.

Goals and PRs? What program are you running?

The program is based on John Gaglione’s article published a month and a half or so ago.

I had finished a 12-week mass and body comp program (taking a break from pure strength training) and this article came up which is similar to what I’m used to (i.e. upper/lower, max training days, speed training days, repetition for assistance, etc.) with a few new things I haven’t done before, so I won’t be spinning my wheels, so to speak.

Goal : get stronger (when you see my PR’s, you’ll understand why I tend to prioritize this, or maybe you’ll just cry and/or laugh)

PR’S :

Deadlift : 380
Bench : 225 (bum shoulder)
Squat : 275 (I’m not fucking joking)

Body weight: roughly 194 @ 5’9"

Disclaimer/excuse : I have a pretty long list of injuries; spend a lot of time on rehab (or prehab or whatever the cool kids are calling it).

No laughing here man. Go get it.

Thanks man.

Today’s session was upper body speed.

3-grip speed bench 9 X 3 @145 lbs; due to my fucked-up shoulder I tend to not go TOO close when I go close grip. First 3 sets were done one thumb out of smooth surface. Next three pinky just in from ring. And last was index just outside of ring. Three weeks doing these, and I love it.

B1 1-arm DB push press 3 X 8; went light. Right shoulder hurts goddammit. OH presses are my biggest weakness.

B2 Kroc rows 3 X 15 @ 90 lbs. Not sure if they’re textbook Kroc but they’re explosive enough…

C1 DB extention 3 X 15
C2 Zottman curls 3 X 10
C3 Bent over raises 3 X 15 ; all I can say is nice pump.

No real heavy lifting here, but the fast pace that these speed/high rep days allow makes for an energetic workout (da pump).

Next four days are deload. I’ll try and keep it fast and furious.



Was supposed to do 2 X 5 squat with 3-second pause. Ended up doing 7 sets total including warm-ups.

Last week I did 5 pounds shy of my 1-rep max with this, which was surprising to say the least. It may have been for 1 rep, but it felt easy enough that I feel like my squat is getting stronger.

This deload week is looking to be boring, but I probably need it.

I posted a question in the PL forum concerning benching with a thumbless grip, I hope I get some feedback.

Yesterday’s deload was nothing to shake a stick at.

I worked my way up to a 5RM on low incline BB bench. REALLY activated my triceps doing it. Who says you can’t “spread the bar” with a thumbless grip ? I’m getting pretty good at it, not sure if it really helps to activate the lats, though.

BB Inclines hurt my shoulder, though. Won’t be doing them often.

hey man, saw you post in the gaglione article as well. no shame at all as far as pr’s go; just work hard and you’re all good. GL with the program, I will be starting soon as well and will probably create a log like this one.

keep killin em


Pretty awesome training for the first day of Phase 3.

Pulled a (slight) PR on the Rack Pull for 3 reps. Last time I tried this weight (425lbs) was for 1 rep and I failed. Pretty happy about that !
And is my back sore today…

8 X 1 Speed Sumo DL’s @ 230 lbs. Sumo’s are awkward for me. They used to hurt my right hamstring so I haven’t done them often since.

then bulgarian split squats
1-legged RDL’s
TRX paused rollouts (too easy; I’ll do paused fallouts next time)

All in all, a great workout. Here’s hoping next week I’ll pull another PR for 2 reps…



OH press lockout 3 X 3. 2 X 5; got up to 165 X 3. Set up on a slight incline bench, pins set just at the top of my head. The movement can be awkward. Finally settled on forearms straight up even though it means the bar is more forward than on a standard OH press. Good exercise, didn’t need much in terms of rest (as opposed to heavy lower body work).

B1 Alternate incline DB press 3 X 7, 1X 10; didn’t go as heavy as I thought I could/should (max at 75 lbs) maybe due to first exercise…

B2 BB row 3 X 7, 1 X 10; did these with a deadstop on the rack pins, back at 45 degrees. just because. Max @200 lbs. Will do heavier next time.

C1 Face pulls
C2 Plank to push-ups (meh.)

Went bt quickly, even with a thorough warm-up (which included 2 X 30s on vertical and horizontal rope pulls, two great new pieces of equipment at the gym).
BIG difference between the lower and upper body days, even with a seemingly equal amount of volume. Oh well.

Last entry didn’t post…


Yesterday did an early training (was sick the day before).

Pulled a Rack Pull PR : 455 X 2. Probably could’ve tried for more.

Fucking happy about that.

Should one train when sick ? Do you “man up” and go for it any way ? Or do you play it safe, be a “pussy” and recover ?

Fuck that shit.

Been sick for about a week now. Up and down. Missed some hours at work (not one full day).

After taking two days off, had a decent training on Saturday. Good, I’m thinking, I’m getting better.

Then came yesterday.

Worst fucking training I’ve had in a LONG time. Struggled with 245 lbs. squats. No juice. Nothing. It was crap.

So FUCK THAT SHIT. I say if you’re gonna push through it just to fail and feel like you’re taking a step back, then be a pussy, recover and come back later.

So I’m behind schedule. Fuck me. I’m taking today off. Hopefully get some sleep.


So after the crushing fiasco that was last workout, yesterday did a PR on close-grip Bench Press for 3 reps.

My previous PR was 225. Did 3 good full reps at the same weight, close grip. Man does that feel good ! Next week is 2 reps, am planning on beating it, if only for an extra 5 pounds.

Highlight of my week !


Yesterday did another PR, This time on close squats for 2 reps @ 280 (previous PR was 275).

I had to ask someone to check my form to make sure I was going parallel, according to him I was, but I think I still have the same weakness of leaning forward too much when I’m down. Have to be careful about that.

Two PR’s in a week, without really trying !


Today is the first day of week 12. Test Phase.

Squat 1 RM : 20 lbs
Deadlift 1 RM : 30 lbs (tried 10 extra pounds but got stuck in the middle)

May not seem like much, but these are the biggest PR’s I’ve had in at least a year (not counting Rack Pulls and floor Hip Raises)

This brings my new 1 RM’s to:

Squat : 295 lbs
Deadlift : 405 lbs

The way these felt, I can see these numbers going up by the end of the year.

classic phil

Bench Press PR !

Added 10 lbs. Had a good hand-off partner so tried for an extra 5 lbs. but failed.

‘bout frikkin’ time. Biggest leap in BP in years. More to come by the end of the year.

Fuck yeah.