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He-Man's Fabulous Secret Powers


I wasn't sure if this belonged in the Strongman forum, or over in Bodybuilding.




At this moment I feel embarrased for having He-Man in my avatar!

Actually, this video was one of my first videos to favourite in youtube.


Yeah, well I actually own a He-Man doll.



Me jelly!

Wait, what kind of doll?


This one.
My wife gave me this years ago because someone once told me I looked like He-Man.



That's a great compliment!

I had like, "all" of them when I was a kid, including Snake Mountain. I have no idea where they are now, but I think my mother donated all my youth toys.


I guess its not funny to me because I dont know who He Man is.


Just a pervert dressing in purple loincloth, stockings, a pink jacket, etc.




My God, the memories of seeing this after coming home from school.


Don't let the slightly camp exterior fool you. He-Man was a complete ass:



Man, some people out there have some real hate for He-Man... AND a lot of time on their hands.



LOL @ 2:40

Fucking superb and indeed made all the more entertaining when you actually know who he is. I had the Castle G, the villains, the heroes. This is genius ^^


That's not a doll. It's an action figure. :slightly_smiling:

Strange. There are some little Russian girls in my neighborhood with the same haircut.


i got the gheis