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He Comin


P4P Champ. Saturday can't come quick enough.


Guys like him make boxing so sick to watch.


It depends who drunk the most piss..

Jk, this should be a war, I see it going the distance.


Going to be good!


Too close to call IMO both guys are hungry.


Floyd and RJJ are the two most gifted fighters I've seen the last two decades. Skills you just can't teach.


Floyd by UD.


Floyd v Anderson Silva can't come soon enough


Got to give Mayweather props Shit talker extraordinaire or not his boxing skills are always there
and he brings it.


Brings in the blubber he came in overweight (2 pounds) and owes Marquez 600K


No blubber. He is lean but much bigger than Marquez. Too much muscle, he hasn't outgrown that weight, it looks more like a choice. I wonder if that was the plan, make the weight limit ambiguous(supposedly he could come in welter with a monetary penalty) and come in 15 solid pounds heavier fight night. I guess I'm rooting for Marquez, because if Floyd wins, it just makes things muddled and he surely won't regain p4p status fighting a much smaller opponnent. A Marquez win on the other hand would be legendary and beg another fight with Paquiao at 140, which I want to see.


I saw that.

It's a stretch in a Mayweather fight, but look for a KO tonight.

He's fighting at the welterweight limit against a guy two weight classes out who's been knocked down at 135.


I bet Mayweather was looking forward to that money so he could pay off that repossessed Bentley..lol.


Wow. That's all I can say. Completely masterful.

Floyd is head and shoulders above everyone in boxing.


Damn this doesnt convince me he needs to fight someone truly in his weight class.


I predict nobody gives a shit about boxing.


I predict nobody gives a shit about boxing.


Weight had nothing to do with it. Marquez couldn't even touch him and he was much slower even though he was the smaller fighter.


Sure but he still needs to fight a Cotto, Mosley or Pacman.


And your dumb if you think going up in weight doesn't effect speed.