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HDT protein powders

Has anybody ever used HDT products? I think they suck bad. Everytime I use the powder and this was the last time. should of learned the first time I used it. I loose alot of size. And this being the only change I make I know its the powder. Must just be freaking flavored mix.

Steve, ever heard of Biotest!! Why do people want to use other protein powders when you have Classic and low carb GROW,the 2 best tasting protein MRPs on the market and the only ones I know that have a special delivery system to faccilitate more protein usage. These kind of questions realyy piss me off.

I highly doubt thier quality. The Mocha Cuppuchino taste great. I love the taste and the idea of the blend but 75% of it is whey. Also the quality is disgustingly inconsistent. There is a significant difference from one bottle to the next.