Hdrol Log 2012!

Here goes my first log. First ever cycle.

Beginning stats:
Height 5’9
Weight 179
Age 26
Bf 13%

Here’s the cycle.
2 weeks before cycle started loading milk thistle.
Also take fish oil and animal pak. Taurine starting in week 2.

Hdrol 75/75/75/75/75 and maybe another /75

Will continue all supports through pct.

Pct will be nolvadex 20/20/10/10 or possibly 20/10/10
Also have Activate extreme, triazole, tribulis, and zma.

I’m starting this log on the first day of week 2 because there’s nothing to report in week 1.
So far I’m up to 182. Mostly from the diet change.

Subscribe if you care, I know PH’s aren’t too exciting.

Lifting stats.

Bench 225 x 4
Squat 315 x 2
Deadlift 295 x 1 (ugh)

Will bench tomorrow.

Today I felt pretty much on top. Got 235 up on bench for a few rePs. It was pretty good for a chest day. No real difference from the hdrol yet.

Took 2 caps before breakfast. Will have one more at around 6 pm.

First couple of minutes…


Sorry, fixed the link.

Week 2 Day 3!

Hit up back today. 5 heavy sets of deads and 5 chins, along with rows.
Was a good one today, but nothing really to report.

Been feeling a bit lethargic today, don’t know that it’s the hdrol.

No pr’s today.
Took two pills this morning. Take another one at 6 pm.
Will get my weight tmrw or Friday.

Diet has been solid. Eating around 3500-4000 cals of clean food.
No alcohol (only drink on holidays anyways), no junk food, no sugar.

Weighed in at 183 today. Had a grueling leg day.

Squats 5x10,5,2,2,8 hit 315 for 2
SLD 5x5
Leg press 5x8-12
Leg extensions 5x10
Leg curls 5x12

Went home exhausted and polished off most of a rotisserie chicken.

Felt some pinching in my lower back, worse than usual. But that was probably more about the weights being upped.

Shoulders, arms, and calves. Felt pumped up today, Im noticing the pump isn’t more full, but it does seem to last longer.
Military press isn’t up but was able to rep out an extra rep each set.

Week 2 Day 5. Can’t wait for week 3!
Rest this weekend with some bowling on Saturday and a light hike on Sunday.

Today was a rest day but I had work, I’m a personal trainer and a martial arts instructor.

Picking the weights off the floor, and throwing a few high kicks REALLY lit up my lower back. A pinching feeling all morning. Not sure if it’s back pumps yet, I somehow doubt it. Going bowling tonight so let’s see how that goes.

Week 2 Day 6!

Other than this ZERO side effects.

Week 3 Day 2

BB bench set a PR. Hit 225 for 8.
Weight is up to 185.

Still no noticeable effects. No increased pump anyways.
I want to bump up to 100 mgs but I just need to be patient.

Little bit of acne shoeing up on my shoulders.

Started today out with heavy 2-rep rack pulls. About 5 sets.
Then hit rows, Pulldowns, chins, and shrugs. All 5 sets each.

Hit everything hard felt great. But other than the added intensity I didn’t feel any difference. I’m hoping by the end of this week it’ll start kicking in. This is week 3 so…

Calories have been ridiculous. 4500 a day. All healthy.
Putting on a bit of fat though so may drop that a bit.

Up to 187 today!

Week 3 day 4

Arm day went well. Although no.real difference. Atleast none I noticed and no PRs.

15 sets for shoulders
6 sets bicep
6 sets tricep

Tomorrow is legs! That I’m pretty excited about.
Going to try and set some squat PRs.