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Hdrol Cycle Plan


Starting a second PH cycle tomorrow. Ive debated and weighed the Pros/Cons. Considering ive hunted down AAS in my area and have come across nothing but fake or homemade, purchased via internet and recieved my customs siezure letters in the mail, this is the road ive decided to travel again.

Anyways. Lifting seriously for close to 5 years now. Have always been very consistent except for the last 3 or so months, school got the best of me. Made it to the gym 3-4 times a week and my diet wasnt what is shouldve been, but got my focus back now and that semester is over. Even stopped creeping around TNation daily, but now im back!

Im currently:
8% BF

After last cycle in April 2010:
9-10% BF

W1: 75mg/ED
W2-5: 100mgs/ED

Tamoxifen Citrate (Research Grade)
W6-7: 40mgs/ED
W8-9: 20mgs/ED

Supplement List:
Fish Oil 3g/ED
Flaxseed Oil 4g/ED
Universal ZMA
O.N. 2,222 Aminos
L-Argenine 5g/ED
Creatine Mono 10g/ED
Glutamine 2-3g/ED

Main goal for the cycle is mass. Im looking to be between 220-225 at the end of the cycle & hoping to maintain 215.

Diet: Typical, going to have one cheat day a week.
Meal 1: 25g Whey/ 2tbspn PB/Bit of oatmeal
Meal 2: 6 Whole Eggs/ Oatmeal or Wheat Toast/ Coffee
Meal 3: Almonds/ Roasted Potatoes
Meal 4: Chicken/Pasta or Turkey Sandwich
Meal 5: Post Workout Shake 25g Protein/50g Carbs
Meal 6: Various Meats, Rice
Meal 7: Cottage Cheese, Casein Shake

Mainly 5/3/1 and GVT.
M: Chest/Tri/Abs
T: Back/Bi/Traps
T: Arms/Abs
F: Shoulders/Traps
S: Legs/Forearms
S: OFF or in the gym if I feel the need
Main lifts will be Squat, Rack Pulls, Bench/Incline, Military/Push Press w/ all necessary accessory lifts. My training does not worry me.

Please critique my cycle/supplementing/nutrition/training. Any advice on what to add or delete would be much appreciated

Thanks fellas


No full range deadlifts?
If you want to get bigger and stronger, squat, deadlift, bentover rows, bench and overhead presses are the most important, in that order...


Dont get me wrong i love slappin on some chalk and pullin for the stars... but i can feel my upper back and traps alot more when i do rack pulls with real heavy weight. To compensate for hams, i usually do hyperextensions, sld's, and even sometimes deads on a box to really get the depth and strech


Another thing i forgot to add was that im really looking to increase my vascularity. Im vascular already but i want to become a roadmap. What else in addition to the 5g Argenine could i add? Vitamin B? Should i increase the 5g/ED?


To be vascular, get leaner...

If you want to hit the upper back and traps then do wide grip rack pulls, face pulls, and farmers walks...

I would still say pull once a week...

and which vitamin B are you talking about, there is more than 1...but the answer remains the same, get leaner to get vascular...

Arginine is bunk for NO levels... if you feel anything, its a placebo effect


Well im currently 8-9% BF, so pretty lean. Im guessing by the end of the cycle and the bulk ill probably be 10-11% BF which is still pretty lean so im just trying to bring out my vascularity seeing i know its possible with a low BF like i have.

I believe it was vitamin B6 and B12 i read aids in vasodialation.