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Hdrol Clen


I've been reading that clen will help with the gains from ph and steroid use due to it raising the body's temperature?

Then others are saying that It will waste away some of your muscle?

Right now I'm starting week 3 or hdrol, and I really wanna throw some clen in due to some lagging fat loss.

Does it really waste muscle? I'm willing to keep the dose lower and protein hight

and can u use it again in pct?


Clenbuterol is believed to have an anti-catabolic effect. If I was in your position, I probably wouldn’t think twice about adding some clen.


In the PCT is a terrible plan, it isnt anticatabolic in my experience.

That study was done on animals which have a different receptor set up, its actually anabolic in animals.

Using it on cycle is going to hurt your gains, I wouldn’t recommend it unless your “cutting”.

Its more useful when paired with higher levels of cardio, it really doesn’t shine otherwise. Clen and Albuterol work better as “cardio effectiveness boosters”, higher heart rate, higher body temp, more fat oxidation, etc.

If you were to just take it and keep your standard lifting routine you would notice disappointing results more likely. Add more cardio in and youll see something.