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HDL Went Low, LDL Went High on Anavar/Clen Cycle

Hello guys, i started my training after 6 months of physical rest alongside with crazy dirty diet and my fat percentages went to 19%. To kick start my physic and I trained for a few weeks to recomp my performance in the gym. Then, I planned and put myself in Anavar the only cycle followed by clen with the dosages:

Anavar: 25mgs everday and clen:40mg after 2 weeks 80mg. Its a cutting cycle for me.
Further, in the 4 weeks i able to drop my fat to 16% which 96 to 92kg right now.I did my blood test on full body and right now my lipid profile is abit wrecked and imbalanced as HDL increases and LDL decreases. My T dropped a bit due to Anavar suppression. I’m considering whether to continue this cycle or not for cutting. I need you guys to advise on this scenario of mine, my goal right now is to drop the fat to 11-12% with muscles. In four weeks my diet is clean and i added cardio like double skip and 10 mins run and of course 5-6 days of working out.
My personal info: Age 26, 180cm and been training for quite some time now like 6 years. I upload my stat below from the blood test, which is lipid profile and test data.

If you didn’t know AAS, esp c17AA AAS fuck up you’re lipid profile you honestly have no business using… and clen too? Why???

Not terrible though… could be worse… not entire HPTA suppression either… 110ng/dl is atrocious but use an equiv amount of nandrolone and it’ll be closer to 20ng/dl (doesnt shut down T produced via adrenals)

I highly doubt you’re aware regarding the long term implications of you’re decisions… esp clen… clen is the biggest issue here, not the var

you got any other sugesstion? and why clen is the issues here

Cardiovascular strain, something as harsh as clenbuterol should really only be reserved for precompetition (if it’s really required) all AAS induce strain upon the cardiovascular system, but AAS+clen whilst overweight is a recipe for a heart attack… you weren’t even fat to begin with. To disrupt you’re endocrine function and take clen just to cut from 19-10%BF is a really… really bad idea

The fact you weren’t aware oxandrolone skews lipid panel implies you weren’t educated regarding how these substances work, the potential acute and long term effects… you need to be educated in order to make an informed decision… something of which you clearly are not. I’d suggest dropping the gear, researching… researching some more… then making a decision

Also hdl is the good cholesterol, ldl is the bad cholesterol

HDL has decreased, LDL has increased

Thanks for your reply, you got any suggestion to reach my goals if i’d drop this anavar. I’m dropping this cycle btw.

Run pct, get rechecked… do research and keep training

Anavar is TERRIBLE for HDL. It is the worst offender of all the drugs ive tried. Every time I run it, it drops to single digits. Take time off, fish oil, red yeast rice, niacin (not the non-flush kind). It will come back.

switch to brown rice and too vitamin b pills as well but the reading take last week and i think today will be the last dosage of anavar. probably i’ll cut more fat without the gears onwards but then i dropped some body fat in this cutting cycle

Winny is generally worse, as is sdrol

Most orals doses high enough will plummet HDL ain’t I single digits for many