HDH Cause More Scar Tissue? Have Damaged Spinal Cord

I need help I am new to this. I was a an extreme Athlete broke my back and severed my nerves. I now have the use of my legs and am training for some extreme hunting. I have scare tissue in my spinal cord that causes severe pain. In my wreck I damaged my hips and ankle I also have pain in my neck from a fall sometime after my wreck in 2007. My friend had been telling me about HDH for some time. My question is what should I take for the healing of my neck injury and for some wounds on my feet that will not heal? Will HDH help nerves at all? My main concern is if HDH will cause more scare tissue on my nerves in my spinal cord? Any help would be great thank you, I want some of my life back as I continue to try to hunt, long distance hiking and mountaineering.

Not sure about HDH, but I would look up DMSO and Dr Jacobs on youtube. It is said to help nerve damage and has been used I think in Germany after major surgeries for decades.

All the best