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HCT 12 - 4 Day Split


Anyone tried the HCT 12 template?

It looks solid - 2 upper body sessions and 2 lower body sessions per week. One excercise (compound) per muscle group. Ramping up weights until 6RM and then do a cluster 2, 2, 2..


My one concern is that there is no lateral deltoid work for shoulders. I will do heavy push movement plus the work from incline bench. But no lateral or reverse raisers.

Do you guys think this is valid worry, or will my shoulders get enough total work form doing such a compound focused routine?


i don't know anything about that program other than what you wrote. but you could always just put in some medial and rear delt work every other week (pairing rear delt with back and medial with shoulders and/or chest). that way you don't mess with the actual program too much and you get some work for those specific areas.


Yeah. I might add in some side laterals every other week.. Ideally i dont wabt to mess with the program. If you want to check the details just google HCT 12 pdf. And you can see the whole routine.. Its really simple and solid..