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HCL Supplementation



i read Poliquin's hcl suggestions, and the HCL Diaries by Chris Shugart and gave it a go. its worked great, went from losing weight for no reason to gaining 10 lbs (not to mention how it fixed up my stomach problems).

anyways, i've been taking 1200 mgs of betaine hcl with meals for the past 2.5 months. he says in his article that our body will adjust and start producing hcl naturally, ergo making our required dosage less and less over time. should i just wait longer? any thoughts? btw, i have felt the "hot tea" effect but have started and stayed at this dosage consistently.

thx for any help


I just started supplementing with this yesterday and I was going to start a thread.

I started taking one capsule/ meal, then 2, then 3. I never felt the "heat" in my stomach like Poliquin talks about so I guess my levels are pretty low. I think I'm going to stick to 3 pills per meal and see if I experience results.

The pills I use provide 456mg of Betain per pill so 456x3= 1,368mg per meal so that's close to what you're taking.

I'll keep you posted.


So...with your 1200mg per meal, did you feel "heat" the first time you dosed with that amount? Did you take this test to figure out this was the amount you needed?


Anyone else using this?


i did the normal test. any more than 1200 and i get the 'heat.' what concerns me is that there hasnt been any change since starting this.

everyone is different, but i have to say that hcl supplementation is like night and day for digestive issues. if anyone is debating whether to try it, go for it. anyways, a bottle is only $10 at a hhealth food store.


I bought 1 lb of HCL and started this protocol like Poliquin suggested , but my HCL levels are OK so I take HCL only with big meals


I take 4-5 when I drink half a gallon of milk in one sitting, 2 with a bunch of meat. and 1 with my vitamins at night.


took too much this morning, and had to deliver 3 hours of lectures, at one point i'm sure flames actually shot out of my eyes.

so take it easy as your levels come up guys


take gelusilcac it will help you


thanks for the responses. so i gather that bringing up one's natural levels just takes time?


I must've missed something. What article is this?



Further down the page Poliquin discusses HCl supplementation. I just started this recently as well (about a week ago) and have noticed some changes for the better already.


Nice, thanks for that link. What's a good site to get this supplement? I'm guessing Betaine-HCl is the recommended one?


yes, thats recommended. i get the Country Life brand b/c its at a New Leaf where i live, and its cheap ($10 for 100 600mg tablets)


sweet, thanks.