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HCG's Effects on Appetite


So my parents own one of those "anti-aging" clinics and just got back from a Regenerative Medicine conference in Orlando, FL. My parents are looking to start adding in some new procedures that other businesses aren't so they can hopefully draw some new revenue. I talked to my dad about the conference yesterday and he said one of the main selling points of the conference concerning diet was the use of HCG to suppress appetite.

I mentioned to my dad that I thought HCG was just used to prime the testes to produce their own testosterone but he said the doctors there were saying it is an effective appetite suppressant.

He didn't give me the exact doses for what they plan on using since he still needed to research the protocol and see what needs to be done. But the gist of it was this: a subcutaneous HCG injection everyday for 6 weeks. During this time calories are kept at 500. Supposedly the HCG is to keep you from getting hungry and obviously only 500 calories will make you lose weight.

Have any of you vets ever heard of anything like this? I have never heard it mentioned that HCG suppresses appetite either.

edit: just talked to him, he said there are supplements run as well. Multi-vitamins, "probiotics" which is apparently something new that isn't an antibiotic but provides the same benefits, and other immune system boosters and what not


All this crap was started with a British physician, A.T.W. Simeons, in the early 50’s. That’s why everyone is out of HCG these days.

That last one has a full text article. Just click the link and look in the right hand corner.


good stuff man thanks. If any of you vets have more to add I’d be grateful. I told him I’d send him this link so he can have a look.


probiotics increase intestinal flora, but are probably over-hyped save for individuals who recently underwent antibiotic therapy.

HcG would IMO be an effective aid in male participants, comparable to a low dose of exo testosterone administration. In females, it would probably antagonize aldosterone to the point of significant loss of water, which would appear to the average person as weight loss.

The multivitamins are via parental administration, no? That would probably be the most desired aspect for me.


500kcals a week is not a safe nor healthy way to diet - with or without feelings of hunger, and will lead to fat gain as soon as the diet ends.



i agree…unless the patient is really overweight and needs to drop a lot of pounds so they are actually able to excercise.


[quote] Brook wrote:
500kcals a week is not a safe nor healthy way to diet - with or without feelings of hunger, and will lead to fat gain as soon as the diet ends.


x 2 that is way to much restriction. Feeding the machine(body) helps keep the fire burning. Adding in clean fats and lots of fiber is a better way to go. Also adding in some kind of intense cardio work out with go a long way to speed the process.


Yah, most of these diets are for the really overweight who need to lose weight fast. Although if someone not fitting in that category really wanted to try it I doubt they would turn them away.

I thought the same thing Brook and FG. Also wouldn’t that really screw with your metabolism after essentially starving yourself for 6 weeks?


Thibs has been mentioning lately that metabolism isn’t as hampered by caloric restriction as was once thought. Let my clarify that in his responses no one was talking anywhere near that caloric amount.

Caloric restriction is interesting because there are a lot of articles out about how eating less than maitenance can increase life expectancy. However, in my molecular biology class I learned that those studies were conducted on rats that were literally kept in an emaciated state which if it transfers over to humans pretty much renders the idea null and void.

I would be interested to see if even a drug could suppress appetite enough so that someone who is obese, i.e. used to eating a lot of calorically dense food would not be hungry on only 500 cals.


Thanks fellas I’ll send him this link and let him have a look. If you guys have anything else to add feel free since he will be checking in on this in the next day or so.


Without knowing all the details of the HCG diet, it seemed to me to quite questionable for the following reasons:

  1. In bb’ing, it hasn’t been noticed that HCG aids fat loss or reduces appetite

  2. Since the diet is 500 calories per day, fat loss is inevitable in any case

  3. The doctors doing this typically charge truly outrageous fees.

However, that was without knowing all the details of it.

In my last online purchase of HCG, the seller decided to give me an ebook written by some European doctor who apparently is a major figure in this diet plan.

It’s an interesting little book. Now there are some small details that are in my opinion silly, but if one rejects everything that has any minor silly details in it anywhere on that account, many things that have useful things in them will wrongly be rejected for that.

The doctor (I forget his name, unfortunately) interestingly said that the usefulness of HCG in dieting is only to the obese. He claims that the obese have areas of fat storage – which he calls “abnormal fat” – that are ordinarily highly resistant to lipolysis, and thus this fat tends to hang on even with severe dieting; but with HCG these areas of bodyfat instead release fatty acids extremely easily.

I have no way of knowing if that’s right or not, but it’s an interesting claim.

Without proof, it does seem to me he has a point about abnormal resistance to fat loss that occurs in some areas for the obese. Not that one has to use women as the example, but for example in some cases a woman can be pretty high in bodyfat but basically just be damn stacked. And if she loses bodyfat it will be lost fairly proportionally everywhere.

Another woman might actually have a little less fat, but OMG, the horrors. Just terrible huge masses in some areas and definitely not proportional overall. I may be making a mistake by invoking an image, but for example, perhaps saddlebags and seemingly a small-watermelon-sized mass of fat at about the bladder area. Yeeech. And she could lose significant fat and sadly enough, the horror areas would tend to remain bad.

According to this doctor, the latter woman would, with the HCG diet, see the horrible fat, the abnormal fat, go first. Perhaps not entirely, but largely.

If true, that would be a good thing.


Bill. It is so good to have you posting once again!!!


i have been using HCG for several months now, and i assure you my appetite has not decreased. I would say it has actually increased.

However, I do know someone who did the “HCG” diet and she said she was not hungry the entire time…


i know it’s not conducive to the subject matter, but whatever happened to good ol’ self control and not eating too damn much!!


Actually I have considerable sympathy and support for the obese who decide to take very serious and committed action against their problem. (As opposed to those who continue to stuff their faces.)

The last thing they need is more obstacles than they already face.

If it is true that HCG can enable them to do a 500 cal/day diet and not suffer hunger while doing it, the last thing I’d do is worry that it is serving as a substitute for self-control. If it works as claimed, I’m glad it’s making their task easier.


This crap is creating national shortages of hCG and guys with TRT needs for hCG cannot get their scripts filled.