HcGr Toches, Anastrozle and AndroGel Protocol

I have been using Andro Gel 1.62 (4 pumps per day/max recommended dosage) for several years and overall I am pleased with the results. I have a very conservative general practitioner for a doc and he is totally against adding any other scripts such as HcG or anastrozle. He only tests my total T which usually ranges from 500-750 so I have no idea about free T or estradiol. But, I am guessing they are in normal range because I feel good overall, have morning wood etc. HOWEVER, I have had some significant testes shrinkage. When I told the doc the first thing he wanted to do was scale back the Andro Gel. He actually wants me to be on the low end of normal, like 350-400 or so. But, I donâ??t want to switch docs because the AGel is covered by my insurance and I only pay 20 per month and honestly I simply cannot introduce syringes into the picture due to an agreement I had with my wife. So, I LIKE THE ANDROGEL.
I found another doc who is not covered by insurance, but has scripted me HcG Troches and anastrozle at a very reasonable price. So my question is 2 part.

  1. Do the HcG troches work? I keep reading about how HcG has to be injected and all oral methods are a scam. This doc that scripted these to me assured me they are the real deal and actually do work. Does anyone have any info on these â??newâ?? troches?

  2. Will the HcG and anastrozle likely cause my total T to increase significantly? If they do I was considering tapering them prior to my bi-annual blood draw since all he checks is total T. What will be the likely impact, if any, these new drugs have on my total T assuming my dosage of AGel remains the same?

First off, I am a total newbie on here, so this is in no way advice about the troches!

A couple of guys I work with are using the troches, and they are compounded with test and hcg. Both of these guys say they really like how they are feeling right now, and they really like the convienence of the troches. I just switched to the doctor they are using, but I’m not using the troches at this point.

If I were you, and I was feeling really good on my current protocol, I wouldn’t change a damn thing. I hate the hormonal roller coaster.

I was interested in the HcG in order to get my boys back to normal, so that is why I am taking that.

Please get started by reading the advice for new guys sticky. There is a lot of solid info there that you need to study.
Post your labs with ranges.
Where are you located? - affects your options.

After several years, your testes may not recover. Scrotum will relax for sure, but testes may be damaged.

hCG needs to be injected. The molecules are simply too large to pass through skin or nasal tissues. I found a good study that looked at nasal hCG and it found that the hCG beta unit could not be detected in serum. If its not injected, it is a scam.

Why are doctors using troches for HCG if they do not work? I don’t understand why the medical community has not caught up with TRT protocols. I have learned through horrible first hand experience that doctors can make your trt a nightmare!

I do not know. The only controlled study that I saw, well done, looked at nasal hCG spray for weight loss. They could not detect any in blood work. The age management and bio identical hormone docs do not have research supporting some of the things that they promote.

Unless you have a history of intravenous drug abuse, I’d show your wife the medical protocol for these drugs and that there efficacy is best when adminstered by injection. If you like the Androgel, that’s fine but I’ve never heard of another good way to adminster HCG.

As for your doctor shooting for the “low range of normal”. I think that is a very, very bad idea on his or her part. My doc started me on TRT because i was at 390 which he acknolwedged was far too low for the greatest quality of life. In my experience, doctors who respond to any problems with TRT by immediately wanting to reduce your dose without considering other possibilities, generally don’t know what they’re doing. His or her only ordering your Total Test and not a more comprehensive bloodwork is a telltale sign that they’re in over their head as well. I’d recommend using KSmans sticky for finding a doc, and going to docs in your area and explaining your situations and you’ll likely end up in a better situation. Best of luck in everything!