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How should HCG be incorporated into an 8 week cycle ?

If the HCG is unlimited in availability, I would take 500 IU per day throughout the cycle and for two weeks after the cycle as well, also using Clomid for four weeks after the cycle (and possibly during the cycle too.)

Five hundred IU, not five thousand.

I thought that it shouldn´t be used for more than 4 weeks -
Is this a myth ?.

Would it be a good idea to use cytadren
2 weeks post cycle since the hcg raises estrogen levels ?

Would using HCG on weeks 3 and 6 only be of any help ?
Also my amps contain 2500 IU´s so can I use half that amount
1250 IU´s EOD instead of 500 IU´s per day ?

Lastly (yeah i know lots of questions) do you feel that using HCG makes a significant difference in post cycle T
recovery ?

All your issues are solved by the 500 IU/day dosing.

The HCG does not speed recovery of the hypothalamus and pituitary but can slow it, though that is not too much of
an issue at 500 IU and using Clomid. It does maintain normal
T during that period that natural T has not fully come back yet.

Oh, and on the “half an ampule question”… just transfer to a multiuse vial from something else (could even be from a bottle of insulin carefully washed out with 180-200 proof
ethanol) then with distilled water) and then getting 5 or 10 or more doses from one ampule is no problem.

Does hcg need a 1.5 inch needle or can I use insulin needles? Can the Hcg be stored in the syringes when taken out of the ampule?

Mike, I use insulin needles (1/2 inch 29 gauge) exclusively… Depending on the dilution of the HCG and the amount you want to inject, you can use sub-Q (subcutaneous) or IM (intramuscular). For example, if diluting 5000 IU into 1 mL of sterile water, you need only 0.1 mL (10 IU as marked on an insulin needle) to deliver 500 IU of HCG, and
this can be given sub-Q.

You could store in a syringe only if that syringe and its needle stayed sterile, and you stored that syringe in the refrigerator. You would then use that syringe to add the HCG solution into the back of an insulin syringe. Then recapping the first syringe and storing. I’d rather use a vial but it seems to me this method I’ve described ought to work fine (never did it myself.)

Or of course you could, after mixing, withdraw into as many insulin needles as necessary, recap all the needles, and store them in the refrigerator; rather than the method I described before.