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How much of this stuff do I need to take? I am just finishing a test cycle. Thank You.

This has been covered numerous times do a search on p-22’s discussion of hcg use. You could also do a google search and find swale’s hcg protocol. BTW depending on your dose you’d be better off running it during your cycle.

I suggest 3 weeks of hcg therapy in a taper.

start off with doing 250 iu per day.

250 x5
200 x4
150 x3
100 x3
50 x3
25 x3

Taking 2.5 mg of femara (letrozole) per day while on this protocol is a very good plan as it will prevent any aromatisation which could interfere with the next stage of your pct.

As soon as you are finished the last day of the protocol switch to nolvadex or clomid, or both. Begin regular PCT at this point which should last from 3-6 weeks.

If you have just completed your test cycle, run 500iu ed for 10 days while your test levels drop back close to baseline (less than 200mg).
Then commence w/ the clomid and or nolvadex post cycle.