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IS it long acting or short acting product? What is the half life? Daily injects or ever couple days? what is the dose to run?

What’s your cycle look like? HCG can be run during or post cycle. From your post it’s not even clear if you understand the function of HCG. That’s not a flame, just stating my opinion. Give us more information and we’d be glad to help.

HCG is suppressive. Its use is to maintain testicular size and function while on cycle. Using it only post cycle is like letting the horses out of the barn then going out into the field to chase them. Instead keep the horses locked up in the barn and administer it sat, and sun from end of week 3 untill the end of your cycle. This will make any post cycle hcg use unneccessary, which will decrease the length of suppression, and negate any testicular atrophy during the cycle (which can cause permament tissue remodeling of testicular cells to fibrin).P-22

Can i use HCG for 3 to 4 weeks before I start my next cycle. Or is that a waste?

My next cycle
deca 600mg
test cyp 800mg
dbol 25mg
cut out the Deca and switch to tren 100mg eod
cut out the cyp and switch to test prop 100mg ed
So it is a 12 week cycle

nolva 20mg ed

before you start? -ya its a waste, cuz your boys are already at full size and function.

Besides, taking it before will not counteract the supression and shrinkage that will occur during your cycle.

  1. ease of use
  2. avoid overuse and desensitization of the leydig receptors.

P22’s on the money as usual.

All I can add is that HIGH DOSES while your’e on cycle will be less de-sensitising than low doses. I would suggest getting some HCG in 500iu amps and using one amp per shot. This is because HCG comes as a powder with a vial of diluent (much like GH) and must be refrigerated once mixed.

I have often seen problems with trainees who got their hands on larger vials and mess up by taking too large a dose.

Also, since the HCG boosts T, you may see both aromatisation leading to gyno and reduction leading to MPB… so take precautions.

You will still need clomid to come off the HCG.

Also, for the bright sparks out there who just want “a little more T” and want HCG instead of real gear, take heed: chronic use of HCG will desensitise your testes to your own LH, and these effects are much harder to reverse than those of a mildly supressive cycle on which you will probably make better gains.

I have a different question - Is HCG really necessary for a cycle thats 10 weeks or shorter. As well, what if the anti-e used during is arimedex. A few months ago it sounded as if HCG was good to add to a cycle, but not necessary. Now it sounds like it is needed regardless. Maybe its a dumb question, but I wasn’t planning on using HCG for my cycle. Now I’m not sure. What do you guys think?

So the best time to run HCG is on the 3rd week for 4 weeks and the last 3 weeks of a cycle.

Is it best to inject daily or every couple of days?

P22 already answered this:

administer it sat, and sun from end of week 3 until the end of your cycle.