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HCG Worth It Having Varicocele?

I am on TRT and I want to know by having a vericcole if hcg can’t work on the testicles. Is hcg worth it on my situation?

HCG will still function to support adrenal function and possibly provide mood benefits. My advice is if you want to give HCG a try, dosing it smartly so you do not require an AI.

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Thank you. Definetly I don’t want to use an AI, it lowers my libido

Hey im 30yrs /old and have had grade 3 on my left side and a grade 2 on my right side. In the begining of my journey I was on HCG montherpy and It increased my TT to like 900 but the crazy thing was trying to manage E2. I just got the varicocle removed on Monday now going for a restart.

How high was your estrogen?

IT got up too 60 at one point

How did you feel at that level? And how much hcg were you taking?

To be completely honest with I actually liked taking HCG montherpy better then taking testosterone but this was 2 yrs ago and I dint have the knowledge then that I do now. The thing was I was taking a A.I and I would never do that again. Id rather take something like DIM. So like I was saying I felt good on HCG mono but once my E2 got too high I started to feel like shit until I could bring it down. Once I brought it down I felt good again but then it would just go rite back up. I was injecting about 500i.u 3 times a week

Thanks for the info

Believe it or not estrogen is needed for libido, erectile strength and sensitivity.

Best of luck with your recovery. I had mine done many years ago and the daily pain that it caused vanished almost immediately. Was well worth the month of misery post-op.

Man, what do you mean by mood benefits? I know most people don’t feel well from HCG

no problem need anything else just ask me and ill keep you updated on my recovery and how well the restart goes

this is very true

Thanks man I really appreciate it. And I really appreciate you giving me that advice on a restart protocol talk to my doctor and he agreed a lot with the protocol that you said.
Did your surgery help with anything else besides the daily pain?

Pain was the only reason I had the surgery, so it was the only symptom that was being treated. Because I was young at the time (23 maybe?) fertility was not tested. So I don’t know if it helped with that or not.

But the pain was serious enough that it was causing my daily life to change in negative ways. So it had to be done. I will still get a strange pain from time to time, right at the sight of the incision, if I’ve been doing something repetitive. Like a very long walk on hard pavement will occasionally cause a weird internal kind of soreness a few times a year. But otherwise I don’t have any issues.

I will say this about the recovery process: whatever they tell you is probably underselling it. Doctor told me I’d be back in the gym within two weeks. (The joke was on him because I hadn’t been lifting for well over two years by that point) I was walking with a cane three weeks after. I couldn’t stand up straight for the first 10 days. Now I’m unable to take opioid pain meds (they cause some serious nausea and vomiting, neither of which are good if you’ve just had your abdomen sliced open) so I had to get by on Advil alone. I might have been in better shape if I’d been able to control the pain better, but it wasn’t an option for me.

So are you back in the gym now though?
This is my second week of recovery and yea I agree the doctor told me the cuts were not going to be that big and they ended up being a little bigger then what he said. I am up and moving and everything I just can’t do any type of exercise yet.

When were you able to have sex again after wards its the second week for me now im hoping at least by the end of the 3rd week?

Over all do you think the surgery was worth it?

8 years ago I got the vasectomy, six months later I developed severe ED. I went to check my hormones and they were much worst than before the vasectomy, the doctor told me that is because I was 6 months older, that the vasectomy wasn’t the cause. Years later I started TRT, my protocol was 120 mg cyp once a week. I felt much better for a while, then later I did 140mg cyp once a week, then 150mg cyp once a week. With 150mg cyp once a week, I check my hormones 7 days after my last injection:
TT: 450
FT,: 6.00
E2: 28
My libido wasn’t that bad, neither my erections. But I freak out with those low numbers, so I told him why not inject 200mg cyp divided in two doses. I did for 3 months 100mg x twice a week and 250iu hcg twice a week. The first two months I felt great, but in the last month my erections started to be soft again. After 3 months of this protocol I check my bood levels two days after my last injection:
TT: 1350
FT: 30
E2: 48
This is the first time in my life that my Estrogen was high. The doctor told me to take AI 0.25 twice a week. In the first week that I did, my erections were so hard at night that I couldn’t sleep. But I listen several “experts” on youtoube that say that AI’s are poison, so I got scared and throw the AI’s to the garbage. I lowered my test dose from 100mg x twice a week, to 80mg x twice a week with 250iu hcg t wice a week, guess what?, my erections got worst. Then know I’m thinking to use trasdermental cream on my scrotum twice a day, they say increase your DHT x 3 times higher than the injections.
What do I do to recover my erections, I don’t care about muscles as much, I will like to have my strong erections back. Which option is the best:
A)Do I use 200mg test divided in two doses twice a week with Anastrazole 0.25 twice a week
B) Do I do 200mg test once a week with 0.5 Anastrazole
C) Do I try EOD test injections. Total 160mg cyp week. No AI
D) Do I do 160 mg test divided in two doses, no AI.
E) I try test cream on my testicles.
By the way, my SHBG is always between 35-55. That is the reason why my Estrogen was never high, neither my free Testosterone. What I need is to get high DHT in order to decrease SHBG, increasing free t and at the same time decreasing estrogen. The cream is probably my best option. If I use high doses of test with an AI, My free will be super high but I’m not sure about my DHT. Why they are TRT gurus against the use of AI’s?. If using small doses, why not?.

I was injecting 160mg cyp 40mg propenate injections twice a week, divided in two doses, and also 250iu hcg twice a week. My results after two days of my last injections were:
TT: 1350
FT: 30
E2: 48
SHBG: 37
High strogen made my erections worst, despite having high TT and high FT. When I was on 160mg cyp/prop once shot a week my E2 was 28, my FT was 6.0 and my TT was 400, after 7 days of my last shot, and my erections were better.The " doctor" precribed me 0.25 anastrazole twice a week with the 200mg test. On the anastrazole my erections were stronger than ever, but I got scared reading lots of people saying that anastrazole is the devil, so I decided to lower my test dose and dump the anastrazole. Now my erections got worsed.
Anyone out there having positive results with Anastrazole for a long time?. I’m afraid of lowering my E2 too low

You’re going to get much better advice if you keep questions about your protocol (which are all basically related, big picture) in one thread instead of a starting half-dozen threads in a week.