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HCG with Tren, No Test

Hello i will run for 6 week 75-100 Tren A ED and instead use low dose test i am thinking the advice that gave me a friend that he makes.Use 100 ui HCG ED with the tren dosage instead use test.
Will this works for keep the things normal?i and not finding gains from test or the hcg,its only for keep the things normal and let tren do the job

And if works,If i do 100 ui hcg ED,when i finish my last pin of tren a,Is needed run these 3 days of wait that tren clear to the system before start pct run more hcg these days?

thanks and greetings

A study has shown that 250iu HCG is near replacement for intratesticular testosterone levels. So, in theory, based on your testicular response to HCG, it should be enough for normal T and E2 levels. Do bloodwork I guess

Ok i will run 100 iu HCG per day with the tren,thanks for the help

No way man… tren is SUPER supressive! No way, no way your balls will keep producing test, even with higher dose of hcg… this is some crazy thing your’re about to do. A friend of mine work with cattle and he uses tren to finish the will of sex from the oxen… your’re not gonna function with tren and no test. If are alien, maybe, but, tren is mega supressive… hcg would work with other things like a little boldenone, axandrolone, primo… but Tren??? No way… why don’t you put some testosterone propionate with your ED tren, or EOD?.. just think about it man,… your are using trenbolone, the best steroid ever for prep and you are thinking about hcg x testosterone… WTF man?

look that post, If 700 ui hcg per week gives you normal levels of test,why this is bad run it on that way?look that post,700 ui of hcg gives you normal levels of test for keep the things normal,i am not watching for test gains.Anyways i bought a vial of test prop,if not use hcg i will do 15-20 prop ed with the test

As I said, just because Tren is mega/ ultra/ super supressive! You cannot produce test properly when using Tren… actualy, you’ll not be able to produce test by hcg stim when using tren… Tren is highly androgenic, up to five times more potent than testosterone. You can use HCG for almost properly test stim when you are on little test or other mild drugs and low doses.

Okai,then for less bloated as posible and correct function of all body.Would do you use tet prop without the hcg?or do you think doing some test prop and hcg like 250 ui 2 shots per week is enough.And what dosage of prop would do you use?i am thinking on do 15 ed,total of 104 per week i think can be enough

You can do it many ways… I did 400mg tren/ w and 400mg test/ w… I liked. Did some experiences by upping tren a little bit and some times test. Aways with some anastrozole and… about HCG, you could use it during the cycle just to keep some signal to your balls, to decrease the possibility of shrink… but be sure you’re be producing almost nothing by the hcg use, it’s just to keep them alive. 200 or 250iu every 2/ 3 days is enought. Don’t over do it with high doses, this is big mistake some guys do, because you’re gonna super stimulate it, then, when there is no HCG, your won LH levels are super low and your ball got used to hyper stimulation… you’re going to be lost for a while, till the body start to recognyze that poor amount of LH…

and… some guys get problems with prolactin, I’ve never had, but you could have it. Do some bloodwork just to see how it’s going during the cycle…

i have caber for use 0,5 mg 2 times per week,a mate said me that the first week isnt needed use caber because the tren didnt kick in,until week 2,but i will start the caber the first day anyways,dont want rare sides like milk from the pec lol haha

And the hcg,is only for prevent the shrink balls.? i never used hcg,then i had balls shrinked,but i readed that for example with tren,if u dont use hcg,its hard recover,is true that?

I don’t know about the prolactin kicks, but Trenbolone kick’s in at the first injection… haha…

Thiago, I don’t think you understand how hcg works. Yes, tren is very suppressive to hpta but hcg bypasses the hpta loop and stimulates testicles directly, regardless of you use tren, test, eq… etc…

If OP has functioning testes, hcg will stimulate them to produce physiological levels of test regardless of tren

I know because I use it. And I know a lot about tren, used 1 year non stop and got to a doc for exam, no way man, ZERO! No, no production… tren is something apart, you don’t understand… is super, mega, ultra supressive… HCG bypass the hpta, but it wil work for stimulate your balls, only for that… with tren running in your blood your body’ll not be able to work. With tren, you can only stimulate with almost no prodution, or near zero prodution… with testosterone in low doses is different, you can keep a good prodution (not normal production, but good…) of testosterone. I’m telling a fact, not some idea, and I do have very good genetics, as I said, I’m producing almost normal range with no HCG and 300/ 350 test/ w plus 600mg boldenone/ w… You could use tren for 2/ 3 weeks without test and some HCG, but after that, you’ll see hell… but it’s your choice, I’m trying to help you…

He’s right man you need to take a test with tren. Tren will shut yo shit down even with HCG.

HCG will stimulate the testes to produce Testosterone. It is an LH analogue bypassing the top of the HPTA. Tren or not, that is how science works. Tren does have greater binding affinity (assumed to be 5x), that does not however stop the testes from producing test when stimulated by LH or an LH analogue.

Is it really worth the risk? I’d say not. Just because something supposedly works in theory is no guarantee that it will work for the majority of people let alone one individual.
There is a great deal of variation to how people react to the same drug, even supposedly safe ones like testosterone. Try that with a riskier drug like Tren, don’t be surprised if you fuck your hpta, sex drive, and ability to even get a boner for a very long time. Lots of people still have problems when running a more conservative cycle of test &tren, even with caber, and HCG. Hey it could work though, maybe if you are very lucky, it is theoretically possible.
I don’t know what experience you already have with steroids, but if you haven’t already tried a cycle with tren in the stack, you don’t have any business even thinking of doing a tren only cycle.
Interested in a game of Russian Roulette? My buddy says the odds are really good.

Doesn’t matter how suppressive tren is. HCG bypasses the hypothalamus / pituitary and stimulates the testes directly. Not using it on cycle causes testicular damage.

OK… all of you saying HCG can stim test with trenbolina in the blood… try it, do bloodwork and then, go back here and tell us your terrible experience… awesome, people still believe fairy tale studies.

If this theory were real, we would all cycle without testosterone, and there would be no people experiencing fertility problems. With trenbolone in the blood you produce neither sperm nor testosterone, no matter how much HCG you use, no matter how bypass it, the next message will be TOTAL SUPPRESSION! Do the experiment, then come here and post it, I’m waiting for the exams…

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then why bill roberts, that is a knowledge man on roids,do mast hcg and tren hcg cycles?

and thiago how much weeks do you run tren a?