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HCG with Test Cyp (First Cycle)


I'm starting my first cycle w the following and would like some advice on when to take my HCG ..
-400mg test cyp weekly (200mg on Sat and 200mg on Tuesday
-.5mg arimidex eod
I've got 1000iu of hcg a week and would like to know when would be the optimal time to take my 2 shots a week of 500iu . Day after my test injections, same day as test or ??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


honestly, i don't think it really matters.

however, i would only use 500 IU a week until the last 2-3 weeks of the cycle, and then switch it up to 500 IU EOD...


A study has shown that 250iu EOD is approximate LH replacement in youthful men. If EOD schedule is annoying just do 250iu mom/wed/fri.


are you talking about this study?


Good info. Thanks guys. I'll go with 250iu eod. Have any of you used the hcg fortified in B12? It's what I received from my compounding pharmacy.


Never heard of it I just use the shit from india & pin B12 on its own 1ml weekly


I've heard of it. Recent law changes requires compounders to sell name brands unless alterations are needed. It's fine, if anything you may get an energy boost as a bonus.


Yeah, I get an immediate energy rush.


interesting, how long does it last? do you crash later?


The intense rush lasts for a good hour and then it slowly declines but I notice my energy levels are more pronounced throughout the entire day on my hcg days. I pin in the morning. No crash.


Thanks. I might give that a try.