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HCG while Blasting


Read a bunch of articles, not seeing a protocol really for blast & cruise.
I know not to run it longer than 3 weeks at a time.
What dose and how frequently is good to maintain good health in a blast & cruise situation?
And what's perfect timing, I was always told in the middle of a heavy cycle, but that's old info....


Guys on TRT run hcg all year long.


And whats the average dosage for that?


I can't speak to cruising, but when blasting, 250iu 2-3x a week is standard, and 2x is more common.


250 iu 2-3x a week is the norm.


Not true.




I dont and I personally have two friends that are on TRT that don't use hcg. I asked my doctor about the grapes turning to raisins and his response was; "TRT is typically a life long commitment. With your numbers (T<200)they ain't helping much anyway." I guess his idea is the end justifies the means, just get your T up to 600-800. I think that most TRT cases are men in their 40's and having children has happened or is never going to happen. I'm 47 with 4 boys, I could care less if the boys kick back in. Now if we are talking about a 25 y.o. I would agree 100%, it's a must.

If you have other thoughts on the matter, I would respectfully like to hear them. I don't know everything and at times, I think my Doctor knows less.


I agree with everything you said. My response was more in a general sense that there are people on TRT that run hcg as part of there protocol. I didn't mean that every person on TRT uses hcg.


I'm 34, have two daughters and still trying for a son. Between baby mommas right now, lol.
Still want to have kids in the next cpl of years, noticed my sperm count is up and down big time. I sorta want to protect that for a bit longer.


I am on TRT, and I did the std protocol that KSMAN recommends for it in the trt section..250iu 3x per week sub-q.
I didn't start until a year into my trt at which time I went from Gel to injections.
Once I started injections, my boys shrunk which is fine for me, I am 44 and have 2 girls and a snip.

I started HCG to stop the aching that comes along with the shrinking, but I found that 100iu once per week
if sufficient weather I am blasting or cruising.


I went and checked out the TRT section. Pretty interesting. A lot to take in. For HCG then, what's the cycle...?
3 weeks on, 3 weeks off, stay on full time while on TRT?... didn't catch it


Interesting about 100 iu 1x/week. My only problem with that is you aren't getting your money's worth and having to throw a LOT of hcg down the drain lol...

i stopped taking HCG with my TRT because it shot my E2 up sky high and I didn't feel it was worth it.


There is no cycle. If you are using HCG to augment your TRT regimen, you would run it full time just like your TRT. Although I have heard some guys say they do actually cycle it, but I think their reasons are mostly bullshit and not backed up by science.

So basically what I'm saying is if you are going to do a BLAST, there is no need to add HCG unless you are already using it as part of your TRT regimen. It's not like you are going to get "more shut down" on your blast than your TRT "cruise".


I've noticed while cruising sometimes I've skipped my HCG shots and felt fine, but after about 7-10days balls ache. Then I just pin the HCG and Im fine. Also pinning 500 1x per week SQ has done the same for me compared 250x3.. I wonder if pinning HCG IM would be of any xtra benifit?


Your E2 shut up? I want to look into what may have caused that. You have any idea?