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HCG...Where to Fill Prescription?

Im on trt and might want to have kids someday so Im thinking about taking hcg. My dr will prescribe it but I dont know where to get it. The pharmacist (compounding) asked me if I knew where to find it! He said the drug wholesaler that both his pharmacy and CVS uses here do not have hcg. I am in hawaii. Does anyone know how I can fill my hcg prescription or where the local pharmacy can get it? Im just talking about legitimate sources. Im guessing that is allowable here. If not, my apologies.

A regular pharmacy should have it, or be able to get it. Not all of the compounding ones can though.

The compounding pharmacist has been actively looking for it though. He told me cvs, which is the only other pharmacy around, has the same drug wholesaler as him but they do not sell hcg. (I hear an echo). We have walmart pharmacy . Thats all. Would they have it? I didnt think about asking them but I figured the pharmacist probably tried that.

I haven’t tried to buy it in the US, I can get it OTC here. The regulations varied by State until recently, it was OTC in some States. Recently it was reclassified and now a lot of compounding pharmacies are prohibited from making it. That’s what I know. And, Walmart does not use the same wholesaler as anyone else wherever you are. When they were out of test, CVS had it and vice-versa.