HCG, When to Take it?

about to start a cycle of tren and sus and just learned about HCG and decided it would be perfect for me based from my last cycle. so, i am in need of some advice on when to take HCG and when to stop. and maybe if anyone has any other recommendations on what to run during or after my cycle besides a PCT of course. any help would be greatly appreciated ! thanks!


Start no later than week 3, 250iu 2-3x a week, stop 4-5 days before start of pct.

Take 250 iu 3x/week. Take it at the very latest beginning on week 2 of your cycle. (Just my personal experience with HCG, many will say you can begin later). Run it through the whole duration of your cycle.

You may want to look into using an AI on cycle, especially if you’re using more test than a simple TRT dose (even then look into an AI).

Going off the very dubious indicator that is my testicle size, I’ve found that 250iu 2x/week works fine. I’ve even run 125iu eod (500iu/8 days v. 500iu/7 days) just to stretch my supply a bit and have had no problems. Do yourself a favor and get more than you think you need. I have noticed a drop in potency after the hcg has been in solution for two months. Even if you calculate that you’ll have a bunch left over, spring for it.