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HCG: When noticeable effects?


I've been injecting for 3 weeks. I know hormones take a while to work, unlike an actual med.


I noticed that my 24x7 ache in the testes, that a few get, was resolved in two weeks. Recovery of tissue function and size will take some time. Watch for changes to how the boys hang if things were not hanging right.

I was shutdown for 2 months and the effects were very obvious, to me and my wife.

I felt my balls and testes moving around on their own. I think that those who trim pubic hairs will notice that more than otherwise.

I felt an immediate improvement in mood and some kind of immediate CNS effect in about 10 minutes after my first injection. Longer term, as the testes start getting productive, pregnenolone production will also resume that is important for mental functioning as preg is use to produce non-systemic neural steroids.

All of this is very individualistic and may also be strongly influenced by age.


I just hope I haven't done anything irreparable. I have been on T for over 3 years, with no HCG or AI. I'm guessing it'll take a while to help after such a prolonged bout of T.

I have noticed a pretty intense decrease in appetite and loss of weight. I attribute that to the lower dose of T, which I've decided is ludicrous. I will lower it somewhat myself and shoot for 1000 ng/dl (it was over 1400 a couple of months ago).

I am starting on an AI next week.


It has taken me well over a month to notice my "desired side effects" of taking HCG. I refer to my ability to now produce more than a couple of drops of ejaculate. I was "really dry" for the last year plus from HRT, and now life kinda reminds me of being younger. Oh yeah, my testes don't ache anymore, and my scrotum doesn't resemble a cherub in a baroque painting either. There is hope, it just takes time to show up. (at least for me it did)
250iu EOD is my dosing protocol. I also am prescribed Adex too and have noticed on 2mg/week I'm emotional, and 1mg/week the bacne returns, so I'm trying to find the happy spot on that one... Good luck HH, although you really won't need it.