HCG Weight Loss

Hey, all! My question pertains to HCG and medical weight loss. My wife is currently on HCG, Phase 2, and about to go into Phase 3 (where she can begin working out again). This is a two part question:

  • Do any of you ladies have any personal experience with HCG? (Advice appreciated)
  • Is there any particular workout plan that works well, or should I just work up a standard plan for her? (I’m a lifter and a trainer, so I’m not talking about sorry a** Planet Fatness working out, haha)

I hate to ask a question against a question, but is the diet that has you eating ~500 calories while taking injections or pills/orals of some sort?

There have actually been a few studies done and the HCG actually does not do anything concerning the weight loss. The weight loss happens from restricting calories dangerously low.

To answer your first question I’m not too fond of this because 1) the practioners of this so called diet got their asses handed to them by the FDA, and 2) this is probably one of the most efficient ways to destroy your metabolism VERY quickly.

To answer your second question, depending on your wife’s goals would be the training protocol she would take. I’m guessing she wants to slim down, maybe add some appreciable amounts of muscle. She could do:

*Hard body training for women
*female complexes for fat loss

You can look these up on this site

She can also do:


  • SS
  • a 5x5 program

Just get her eating a reasonable amount of calories to sustain growth, have her throw in some conditioning maybe two times a week, and be patient, and throughly do your research, but please get her off of that diet.

Yeah… It’s not 500 total. That’s protein, but her individual intake is 700^. It’s low calorie for fat and carbs. I tried to get her to combine workout and reasonable “dieting” some time back, but she wants fast results.

I can understand that, but the low calories combined with working out can lead her to hurt herself. Maybe try explaining that to her? And as soon as she starts training she’s going to get hungry, and want to eat more (most likely).

She can always carb cycle, or intermittent fast as well, maybe one day out of the week. She doesn’t have to starve herself at all.