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HCG w/ B&C Year Round or Cyclic?


Just out of curiosity because of all of the contradictory stuff I read I wanted to hear some more opinions. Is it safe to run HCG year round at a low dose say 250iu M/W/F or even M/Th? Will this yield any problems with fsh or lh more specifically desensitizing the leydig cells? I plan on B&C until the misses wants children and I’ve accepted the fact that there are no guarantees and am happy with it but from my understanding HCG year round should only make things easier coming of so long as the dose isn’t too high? Or am I far off? Thanks guys


I’ve asked this before but HOW OLD ARE YOU?


lol this guy has had a few threads now


I’m 25 Yogi and I always hesitate to say my age because of how everyone on this particular thread tends to act when someone makes these decisions before an older age so I want the best advice without getting some BS answer because I’m “too young”


Honestly i covered this in your last thread and you didn’t reply but I’ll say it once more.

Deciding to blast and cruise when you are planning on having kids within 2 years is such a stupid thing to do.

When it is time to start trying for kids you are going to have to come of everything for a fair period of time. All your gains will go and you will be back to where you started before the blast and cruise, so you will essentially be taking the risk of extended infertility issues for no gain.

Age is not the issue in this scenario.


well good luck with it all…


I am not ignoring what you guys are saying but I definitely asked a question and got far from an answer. I’m not saying I deserve an answer but like most people I’m trying to do my best and educating myself through people I feel I can trust a little bit more than on other boards.


In the limited research I’ve done on this topic I’ve come to the general understanding that hCG at any dose under 1000iu per week will not put you at risk for desensitization of the leydig cells, and I’ve seen studies on pubmed using much higher doses. HCG in and of itself will not cause any harm because it simply acts as an analog to what your body already produces naturally. Yes, you are putting yourself at risk, but to answer your question directly - no. 500iu twice per week or 250 3x per week should be fine for long term use. It’s still no guarantee.


Somewhat unrelated, but that nut job Rich Piana apparently bridges with 5000iu/wk. Crazy.


Hey you guys,

If you want information about this topic you can watch dokter

Doctor Rand on ask the Dos (muscleinsider), youtube.

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