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HCG vs Serm for Testicular Ache

So, I recently switched to injection from Androgel (12 weeks ago).
I follow the protocol, 140mg per week split in 2 shots SubQ.
25mg aromasin per week split into 3 doses.
Bloods are great, TT950, free is in the upper end and E2 is 24-26.
I feel amazing, but my boys are beginning to shrink, and I have the dull ache I always read about.

I am 43 and had a vasectomy at 41, after which I had a few nasty bouts of
epididymitis that required antibiotics, and lots of hot baths. I started TRT just after
that, and I believe that it lowered my sperm production which tamed my recurring problem.

Now, I know the protocol calls for HCG, but with Androgel my TT never got high enough to
shut me down to the point that my balls had the dull ache. I have HCG, but from everything
I have read it will really stimulate my boys up, and I fear that it could bring
back sperm production, and the swollen and eventually infected state of epididymitis.

My question is, can you use HCG intermittently ? Like enough to get restarted, and then stop
before I get too “full ?” Or would a short cycle of Novaldex say 40mg spaced out 10mg 4x per day for a week be better suited ?

Thx for your time!

Nolva is not likely to be able to overcome the effects of the exogenous T, so it would be useless more than likely.

HCG doesn’t necessarily increase sperm production. I would recommend just going with the HCG and treating a potential problem (that I feel would be likely to happen as a result) when you come to it.

Thx VT, I thought the same.