I’ve been using HCG (as part of TRT protocol) for a few weeks now with great results - great increase in feelings of well being; testes back to normal size.

Really love this stuff; however, given that I’m going to be on it for a long time (baring, of course, some major breakthrough…), I’m trying to consider what the best options are.

First, I’m considering going to recombinant HCG - virtually zero chance of some sort of contamination; and refrigeration is less critical.

Second, I’ve also been considering HMG. Apparently, this stuff is an FSH analogue, so it might better mimic LH/FSH environment in conjunction with HCG - the only thing is, it’s pretty expensive. So I suppose my consideration depends upon how much additional benefit one gets v. cost.

So, theoretically or practically, are there major benefits to HMG that should be considered? Or are the benefits so minimal or nonexistent, that it’s not at all worth it? Has anyone tried it?

Thanks all.


Come to think of it, why doesn’t someone manufacture a recombinant FSH & LH analogue in one vial??


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Do not know the costs of rDNA hCG.

I don’t know of rDNA FSH or LH that are made in commercial medical quantities.

LH has a short half life. If you want to inject that 10 times per day… have at it.

Ovidrel is an example of HCG that does not need to be refrigerated. It is recombinant. You use it just like HCG.

HMG is new but has advantages over HCG in that it’s also a FSH (in addition to LH) analogue - which better mimics nature. AGain, it’s injected subq just like HCG.

The issue remains cost and availability.

hCG, recombinant or human source, needs to be refrigerated when reconstituted. Ovidrel sold as prefilled syringes needs to be stored refrigerated at all times. When mixing and using the total contents at once, refrigeration is a not an issue. With multi-dose vials that need to be stable over a period of weeks, refrigeration is needed, in part because you may be introducing microbes the vial over time and one’s refrigerator is not a sterile environment. Much of what one finds to read is in the context of large doses used by women for fertility treatments. These doses are typically mixed the night before and the total amount is injected in the morning with nothing left to store… so storage of the reconstituted product is not discussed.

All peptide hormones are fragile and need refrigeration when reconstituted if consumption is over a longer period of time…

All forms of dry hCG can be stored at room temperature and have long shelf lives. Refrigeration of dry hCG would extent that.

Yes, Ovidrel should be refrigerated so that it lasts to the expiration date.

However, at room temperature it will last 30 days (even once constituted if you obtain it in vial). This is a huge advantage while traveling.

The trick is to find it in vials - here in the US it only comes in pre-filled syringes. In Canada it apparently can be purchased in vials.

HMG is rather hard to come by; and rather expensive; but I wonder if it’s the future; if it, or something like it, will soon make HCG outdated.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Well HMG is only needed if you wish to maintain fertility. If you have all the kids you want, the HCG will do.


Hey Bushy!

I guess I’m trying to push beyond what will merely “do.” HMG - while expensive and scarce for now - seems ideal in terms of mimicing a more “natural” environment for the testes.