HCG useage, first cycle

I lurk here a lot reading the threads, and would really appreciate some insight into the usage of HCG for my first cycle, I plan on starting sometime next week as soon as my blood work comes back, assuming it’s all clear!

Current stats age 25
Max clean 225
Max squat 315
Max bench 245
Max dead 445

Main goal, increased LBM and improved aesthetics. Compete on stage in 2014
Secondary goals, squat 400, bench 300, dead 500

Week 1-10 300mg sustanon Monday and Thursday 600mg/wk
Week 1-10 0.5mg arimidex EOD
Week 6-10 hcg 500iu WK
Week 10-12 HCG 1000iu week

Nolvadex 50/25/25 starting at week 13
Tribulus 1500mg/day starting at week 13-17
d-aspartic acid 3000mg day starting week 13-17

I have read some mixed posts about the usage if HCG, some recommend during others recommend after to restore HPTA function.

I was hoping to do a mix of both.

How does this look?

When I use I run a smooth 500/wk for the whole shabang, stopping 4-5 days short of pct. It works just fine for me. I’m simply leery of using high doses of hcg because:

  1. I do not want to hinder my own production of LH
  2. I do not want to lessen my sensitivity to LH

Now the question is whats a high dose? You see some people saying to use 2500-5000iu a week during pct or whatever and I’m definitely not doing that. 1000iu per week probably won’t hurt you but I’d rather err on the side of caution when 500/wk does the trick (maybe 750iu if my boys are just down for the count). Everything tends to come at a price its simply a matter of degree, don’t use more than you have to to get what you want to.

PS I don’t like clomid, but I take because I read once that it helps recover the HPTA production of LH. Can’t cite the source though

Really appreciate the reply!

Other than that everything else looks fine? I have clomid as well but i took it for a few days after a winstrol only cycle(bunk run) and found it made me pretty emotional, almost instantly?

So take home points here are It would be smarter to just use the hcg throughout the cycle, at a small dose rather than ramping it up towards the end. And add in clomid

Well the thing is there is no one way to do it, I can only offer what I like and why I like it. Some may disagree. I like low-med dose throughout the cycle.

As far as clomid goes I never got too emotional on it, at least outside of what can be expected when that ‘on’ feeling subsides, I just don’t like it because I break out real bad on it. But even though there is no real synergistic benefit of running clomid and nolva, they work through different means and the aforementioned HPTA effect justifies its inclusion to me.

Everything else looks fine to me, never used d-aspartic or tribulus as recovery agents but surely they can’t hurt. Best of luck mate.