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HCG Use?

I have read everything I can about HCG use and there must be about 20 different contrasting opinions. I am on week 5 of a 12 week cycle of Test Enan(250mg 2x/wk)/Tren Ace(50mg ED)/Proviron (75mg ED) and I just got my hands on 3 amps of HCG.

I’ve never used it before and always just done a traditional adex PCT or test taper. Has anyone had any good luck using it one way or another, please only post if you have actually tried it one way or another.

I was debating bettween using it in very small doses (250 IU) EOD until my last week of my cycle or to use it on my last 2 weeks of my cycle at 500 IU ED. Any advice?

I haven’t tried it YET, but will be doing so shortly. I’ll be running 250 2 times a week. Its quickly becomming a staple in all HRT plans.

It prevents testical shrinkage/shutdown/pain, but estradoil conversion is an issue bigtime, so be alert about that.

250iu EOD can be used to keep the boys working right for years of TRT or whatever gear cycle you want. The huge doses that you read about are bad for you. Load the amps into syringes and keep them cold.

Edit added:

It is better to keep them working at a normal level instead of shock doses at the end of a cycle. Before the research was published last year, there was really no research basis for dosing other than “it works and no one died”. And high doses can shutdown LH receptors and they the boys will not answer when LH wakes up and knocks on the door.

HCG in vials is a better gig if you can get them… which is easy for legal TRT.

No need for IM injection, the research where they suppressed LH with 200mg test/week then restored baseline intratesticular testosterone levels was with subq injections.

When LH is suppressed, the boys shrink and that causes pain for some. The scrotum can pull up tight to the body to be like a kid’s before puberty.

[quote]KSman wrote:
It is better to keep them working at a normal level instead of shock doses at the end of a cycle. [/quote]

That was my gut feeling. So how long will the solution remain sterile and usable if it is loaded into a sterile vile and stored in the fridge? I mean at 250iu EOD a 5000iu amp would last about 40 days. Would it still be good?

Also I had read that it must be done sub-q into the stomach. Is that generally the best place? Thanks for the advice guys!

Subq in the belly is suggested as there is typically a depth of fat to inject into.

If you are very clean with technique, transfer to a vial should be ok. But getting in a vial to begin with would be better. In any case you are getting into the vial over and over again. Should be ok.

My last 10,000 vial, I added only 5ml instead of 10ml of diluent. I can then get 1000iu into a .5ml insulin syringe and then reuse that for 4x250iu injections. Cleaning the needle with an alcohol swap after injecting, re-cap then back in the fridge. Many diabetics do this, so I have been trying it. When doing this, be very careful not to touch the tip of the needle to the plastic as this will dull it.

I have used HCG both ways, at the end of cycle for 500 ius for 10 straight days and throughout at 250 EOD. The key benefit is in the recovery. You can’t start producing endogenous test if your testes are atrophied. Your probably OK doing it either way at this point in your cycle.

I get a sterile vile, mix 4 ius of BW w/ 5000 ius of HCG. Use a slin pin and draw up 20 ius which = 250 ius per shot or 40 ius is 500 ius of HCG. I have used them both sub q and IM, can’t tell much difference with either method.

Intramuscular injection is perfectly fine. Personally I prefer it.

Your point is logical that the period of use for a given bottle, after addition of water, is quite long. Properly done, sterile bacteriostatic water is added to a second vial containing the lyophilized HCG, and so if a fresh needle is used and the septa are wiped with alcohol, virtually no bacteria should be introduced, and presumably whatever might be, doesn’t grow under refrigeration and in the presence of the bacteriostatic agent.

In any case, I’ve never heard of a problem.

I agree with the doses suggested above. The level corresponding to full replacement of normal testicular function is probably typically only 250 IU 3x/week or some dose similar to this, but a higher dose such as 500 IU 3x/week or every other day isn’t a problem during a cycle. I wouldn’t go past that.

Thanks! As soon as my box-o-insulin spikes comes in I’m going to hit it 3x/wk @ 250iu’s . My nuts haven’t shrunk yet so the timing should be aces. I’m just going to mix it all in the amp and then use a 5cc spike to draw it up and put it in the sterile vile.