HCG usage

Is HCG usage really beneficial if one is doing just a 6 week cycle? I can see for a 10-12 weeker.

I know most of you don’t recommend a six week cycle. That aside, is it that much more beneficial?

HCG is always benificial if done in low enough doses. Just begin your protocol mid 3rd week to the end of your cycle. Most guys like the “weekend protocol” because its simple. I like doing 100 i.u.s every 4-5 days. Have nolvadex on hand.

P22, I use arimedex (vice nolvadex) when juicing on aromatizing (spelling incorrect) AAS. Are you saying HCG will aromatize, or is there some other reason nolvadex should be used with HCG?

HCG converts 50% to endogenously produced testosterone and 50% endogenously produced estrogen. So yes it does aromatize. If you are using armidex that’s fine, but its a good idea to alway keep some nolva on hand just in case - which I believe you just indicated.

HCG does convert to estradiol but it is very beneficial toward maintaining gains, making gains, etc… no matter how long the cycle is. Keeping a normal blood level of HCG for the leydig cells would be good in my opinion like doing 500 IU’s per week throughout any cycle. However, if your cycle is only 6 weeks, it is not a very good cycle unless its only oral.

Not to be nitpicky, but a good cycle IMO is a class I and class II steroid for 8 weeks minimum with orals as boosters for whatever the goal. Goals depend on you though.

P22, thanks for the info - and PM.