HCG & U.S. Customs Inspection

Anyone ever order HCG from overseas, had it sit in customs a long time, and then arrive even after having been inspected?

I recently have and I’m not sure what to think. I don’t believe it’s federally controlled. It was in customs so long that I wrote it off and expected a letter saying it was seized. Instead I received the package and it was clearly opened and labeled as having been inspected by customs. Does this sound like a set up or am I being paranoid? It was only one vial of 5,000 IUs but still makes me uncomfortable.

I’ve ordered stuff from overseas recently but never had it seized and searched. Tbh I would find a place to get it in the states if that’s where you are located because mailing is cheaper and no possibility of being searched. was the actual vial opened or just the package, if the vial appears untouched it’s very unlikely anything is wrong with it. I don’t think it’s a set up, because in most online markets where any “drug” is sold they tend to crack down on producers and distributors as opposed to buyers. Not saying to not worry or being uncomfortable, I’d just be glad I didn’t get totally ripped off and I’d just get a new source if possible.

I have another option that’s not overseas. I won’t be ordering internationally anymore.
The vial looks untouched. It was the shipping box that was opened. Since it was held up so long and then released makes me feel uncomfortable. I was less concerned about calling it a loss than someone showing up at my place.
But would they pursue someone over one vial of HCG importation? It doesn’t seem likely but I’d prefer not to find out.

If you broke some law they would not have allowed the delivery. You are fine.
I hold a script for HCG. Where I buy it is no one’s business even customs.

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definitely not. most cops/border patrol/customs/whatever whatever would have no idea what it would even be tbh. No agency has the time funds or manpower to show up at your door if you’re just a buyer, they have bigger fish to fry aka a distributor or manufacturer, and even then UGL gear and pct kindof stuff really doesn’t trip the radar in general unless you buy needles with it. PED users don’t hurt anyone so they really aren’t sought after by law enforcement. I was super paranoid my door would get kicked down the first few times I bought stuff but in all reality you’d have to be wanted or under suspicion for something else then LE would use that as an excuse to bust you. super unlikely though. I wouldn’t worry about it bro.

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HCG isn’t even scheduled, so I wouldn’t worry. I’ve had thousands of pills shipped from India back in my wilder days and 2 shipments were caught at customs, I got a mean letter telling me I was a horrible person, but nothing else happened. Maybe that address is on a list someplace now, but who knows. I think you’re fine. Like @Runefiend said those customs guys don’t know what any of this stuff is

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I had a whole pack of non-controlled things come from overseas, including HCG, and it was clearly opened and inspected. It sat so long that I was actually sent another identical shipment. Three weeks later they both arrived within days of each other. It happens. Customs is so swamped that they’re only catching a tiny percentage of the dangerous, illicit stuff coming in. They’re not going to waste the resources they have going after non-controlled items, some of which people buy with legitimate prescriptions.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the responses. I feel a lot better about it now.

I remembered reading a story about Jose Canesco having his house searched after bringing HCG across the border, so that definitely crossed my mind! The circumstances were different but still not a good feeling.